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MBA Corporate Business Management, HK.

I am a highly mature young man from Hong Kong who has long been keenly devoted to the world of business, especially on an international level. I see myself as someone whose destiny is to help build bridges between China and the West. A typical morning for me has entailed struggling to explain the complexities of new financial derivative standards to a coal mine owner from China´s interior with little knowledge of international business practices and, by lunchtime, teaching a French CFO how to use chopsticks at China´s Grand Hyatt. I am sensitive to the needs and struggles of others, in this case, for example, well aware that the Frenchman had just flown 12 hours to Beijing for my presentation, as well as a taste of Beijing Roasted Duck.

 In my current position as a Corporate Development Manager of a Chinese leasing company (XXXX), I have become accustomed to working with a huge organization that is dynamic and very fast paced; it is also growing in leaps and bounds, helping me to more fully appreciate the enormous business potential of the relationship that China has with the Western World. Variety and challenge help me to maintain high adrenaline levels. This is why I choose XXXX over another offer of a most comfortable yet less demanding position with XXXX because I craved the rigors of my current position with XXXX. I also wanted the challenge of working in one of our foremost new centers of the business world, Beijing, leaving the familiar comforts of Hong Kong behind and entering a field that was for me was a virgin challenge, finance leasing.

 A life-long mentor encouraged me to always embrace change and forever live to learn. This has become my rule of thumb that shapes the master plan of my life. The more difficult financial derivative standards are to explain, and the most ground that my clients need to cover in order to understand them, the more excited I become by the challenge. My most natural moment of joy is found in the struggle, when all eyes are on me in a quiet conference room, listening to the cries of “please explain.”

 A cosmopolitan man who is well learned and well traveled, I have spent important periods of time in the United States, much of South East Asia, Tibet, and have now worked full time in Beijing for 2 years. Soccer is one of my favorite pastimes because I team up with friends helping me to better understand group coherence and enhance my appreciation for the teamwork that is so instrumental to corporate success.

 I also practice WingChun, an aggressive Chinese martial art that embodies practicality, efficiency and economy of movement, it´s most famous practitioner being Bruce Lee. I am a passionate student of both Chinese martial arts and philosophy, especially the Chinese Art of War as a philosophical and literary tradition. I find this ancient wisdom highly relevant to the flow, ebb, and give and take found in international business circles.

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