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Corporate Internship, Pharmacy

I am a man of African American heritage and was born and raised in Holly Springs, MS. I have a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, a master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration and I will graduate as Doctor of Pharmacy in May 2013. I was an employee of Walgreens for 9 years, including 5 years as Store Manager, until I started my current course of study in September 2009.

 It was a very difficult decision to leave a position as Store Manager, which I greatly enjoyed, to embark on a very demanding course of study in a field that was new to me. However, I am a person who is prepared to move out of my ‘comfort zone’, to work very hard and to do all that is necessary to achieve his ambitions. My ambition is to become a District Manager in Walgreens within 10 years and I consider that this program of study, combined with my ‘hands on’ experience as an employee and Store Manager at Walgreens, is one that will get me where I want to be. I can offer a successful and relevant academic record to date and believe that I shall be of even greater use to the company when I complete my current studies which will provide me with a more ‘rounded’ knowledge of its area of business.

 It is my hope also to provide an example of success to inner city and minority students who might benefit both themselves and their communities by working in health related careers such as pharmacy. I have worked as a volunteer mentor for inner city students and have gained great satisfaction from this activity. I believe that I have ‘made a difference’ in the lives of some young people and hope to do so, even more effectively, in the future when I am a qualified professional in pharmacy.

 Anyone submitting an application for a corporate internship would naturally make positive comments about the relevant company but my very positive feelings about Walgreens are, I assure you, genuinely held. I regard myself as part of the Walgreens ‘family’ and I hope to re-commence a career with a company that actually does those things that most companies merely claim to do such as seeking to provide genuinely first class customer care, encouraging staff to provide their opinions and actually considering their input, encouraging staff to advance within the company as far as they can go, to enjoy their work and not turn up just for the paycheck as well as many other positives within its corporate policies. I also know that some have reached high executive responsibility from the basic positions within the company which demonstrates the reality of its stated commitments.

 I seek, and rise to meet, challenges in my life, I am hard working, determined and I relate very well to others and genuinely want to help them to advance by finding and taking all the opportunities open to them.  I believe that it will be recognized that I have demonstrated these qualities in my service to date with the company.

 I know that I can ‘add value’ to the company through applying my personal qualities, my academic achievements and my significant experience within the company. I share the very positive philosophy the company has embraced towards its people and its customers and hope to be in position to apply that myself and help others to do so in the future.

 Thank you for considering this application.

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