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A woman originally from the Philippines who is very immersed in women’s issues, especially with respect to the development and empowerment of women in the Developing World, I am now working towards the completion of my MPA Degree at XXXX University and currently working for local government. I offer what follows as my Statement of Interest for a Foreign Service Internship Placement with the Office of Global Women’s Issues, through the US Department of State, giving my all in support of your Senior Policy Adviser, helping with projects dealing with the empowerment and protection of women.

I feel strongly that I am a competitive applicant for this position because I have worked directly with NGOs in Southeast Asia that are concerned with women and gender justice issues. I have experience at empowerment since I helped to implement and operate a micro-lending program and I am also experienced and confident in the areas of international trade, product development, and marketing.

I did field work as a graduate student in the Philippines working with two non-government agencies, one in public health and the other in the area of economic development. I traveled throughout some of the most remote regions with the economic development NGO and witnessed the drive and enthusiasm of the most poor to improve their lives. I created and conducted product-packaging and marketing workshops and taught some of these groups how to sell in a global marketplace despite the fact that many had never touched a computer before.          

Later, while earning my BA at XXXX University in Asian-American, Women’s and Labor Studies which I completed in 2002, I volunteered with a non-profit organization in the Philippines working with homeless children suffering from sexual and drug abuse. I traveled throughout many of Manila’s slums in a mobile medical van providing basic healthcare and reproductive health education. These people who lived in the most abject poverty were prone to infections, sexual diseases and had to withstand the most challenging difficulties. I conducted age-appropriate reproductive health education for females as young as 9 who were already sexually active. I also provided gender awareness and sensitivity training to local police departments. 

I currently work for the Department of Public Health for the City and County of XXXX and my duties include outreach of services to some of the most destitute populations in our area.

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