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Master’s Degree in Clinical Research, Indian

I was born and raised in India and now reside in the United Kingdom. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Life Science and the Post-Graduate Diploma in Advanced Clinical Research awarded by the Indian Institute of Clinical Research.

 My original goal was to become a physician because of a wish to positively affect the world around me.  I studied Life Science at undergraduate level with the intention of using this degree as a stepping stone to enable me to enter medical school. However, while studying, I spent some time working as a medical assistant with a physician, Dr. Qureshi, who had a deep interest in medical research and this fired a strong interest in that subject in me. My mentor told me that there was a greater potential benefit to mankind by being a dedicated medical researcher than by becoming a physician and this made sense to me. He also recognized in me the essential characteristics of a good researcher; diligence combined with intelligence and an ‘eye for detail’ and so he encouraged me to pursue higher studies in medical research. My undergraduate studies had already provided me with knowledge of zoology, human physiology and exposed me to research techniques and so I decided to take his advice.

 Following the award of my Bachelor’s degree, and with my mentor’s encouragement, I sought entry to the prestigious Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI) an internationally recognized ‘Centre of Excellence’ in medical research. Through much hard work and single minded commitment, I succeeded in passing the entrance examination and gaining entry.  I was awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Clinical Research by the Institute following an intense one year program specializing in pharmacovigilance, quality assurance and medical audits.

 Following the award of the Diploma, I undertook a further year’s study in Clinical Research at Cranfield University in the U.K. During this time, I obtained an insight into Translational Medicine and other important areas of clinical research. I also studied methodology, biotechnics, bioequivalence, clinical trial, audits, designing trials, roles of CRA and CRC’s, drug development, drug delivery, standard operation procedures and, my favorite, medical writing. During this time, I was selected to act as a research assistant for Dr. James Green, a noted Urologist and Head of the Clinical Research Dept. at Whipps Cross Hospital. I undertook data interpretation, metanalysis, literature review, data extraction for patients involved in clinical trials, preparation of proforma and statistical analysis. At the same time I was preparing my dissertation on post operative urinary infection and retention in hip and knee replacement patients. It was my original intention to pursue a Master’s degree at Cranfield but have concluded that a program in the United States and especially at the University of Texas is the best route to help me to reach my goals.

 In addition to my research work and studies, I undertook a variety of extra-curricular activities at Cranfield, having been selected because of my exceptional organization and communication skills. Among these activities was a voluntary role with Cancer Research UK during which I was the main contact for patients recruited for clinical trials by such companies as GSK, Astra Zeneca, Roche and Pfizer. These activities required effective team work and team leading and have been of immense value in my personal development. I look forward to bringing the personal skills that I have developed in further voluntary activity on the Texas Campus.

 I have come to appreciate that Clinical Research is one of the basic keys to good public health and is an area of study that has become my passion. My country, India, is increasingly recognized as an important ‘player’ and preferred partner for clinical trials and desperately needs good clinical researchers both to undertake research and to train the next generation in this vital discipline. I want to be one of those who ‘makes a difference’ in this field. It is my initial goal to acquire the higher level skills and knowledge to enable me to become an excellent researcher and ultimately to take up a position as head of a clinical research organization whilst writing on and teaching the subject.

 I have carefully researched and considered the programs available and have concluded that your program offers the ‘perfect fit’ for my needs and to enable me to reach my goals because of its unmatched facilities, acknowledged excellence and the considerable work undertaken for the major companies. It would be my hope to advance research in the areas of pharmacovigilance and regulation in clinical research.

 I have experience of living in the west and have made the necessary cultural adjustments. I have happily studied, worked and socialized with people of many cultural and social backgrounds. I enjoy sharing knowledge of my own culture and learning from others about theirs. I am sure that I will settle quickly into the campus community.

 I am aware that there will be many well qualified applicants for this prestigious program. However I genuinely feel that I am an exceptional candidate for the following reasons: I can demonstrate significant and relevant studies and work to date in this discipline which will enable me to add immediate value to my class. I have a good academic record and can be relied upon to work diligently and enthusiastically.  Most importantly, I have a genuine passion for this subject which will be hard to match.

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