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Sample Motivation Statement Summer School

I earned my M.A. degree in 2001 (magna cum laude) and have been teaching since that time. I hesitated for three years before commencing work on my Ph.D. because I was undecided whether or not to pursue an academic career. However, by 2004 I had decided that my love of teaching and research was such that I would definitely continue in this course and so commenced my Ph.D. Unfortunately my studies were interrupted for a few years because of the need to care for my mother following serious injuries that she sustained in a motoring accident but has now been recommenced.

 I had participated in several very interesting and worthwhile research projects while studying for my M.A. and, during that time, began to develop a passion for research which has deepened over time. In my teaching, I have successfully mentored students in undertaking successful research projects and now consider myself to have an exceptional understanding and significant experience in applying and teaching quantitative research techniques. The results of several of my research projects have already been published.

 My dissertation relates to the outcome of strikes in Israel and specifically the identification of external and internal factors that explain the outcomes. I am applying theoretical models from several fields including economics, sociology and political studies to establish the reasons for outcomes. The research involves the linking of variables at macro and micro levels and Module 2 of the Summer School will be of great assistance in this aspect of my work as will Module 3 on Causality. I am also keen to establish the extent to which the model I am developing applies internationally and believe that the School will assist me in reaching some accurate conclusions in this aspect of the project.

 The School’s topics of how to establish the existence and extent of causality and in understanding the relationship between theory and empirical results is obviously central to successful and efficient research and I am extremely enthused at the prospect of being able to participate in order to learn about the very latest findings in these crucial areas.

 I am aware that recent advances in research theory will have significant consequences and the prospect of considering examples of recent research in detail, together with other keen researchers and under the tutelage of the most highly qualified experts in Social Sciences research, is enormously exciting.

 Clearly there will be many highly qualified applicants for the Summer School, however I believe that I shall be able to provide significant insights from my own work and will not only benefit personally in completing my Ph.D. and in my future research career but will enable me to share the ‘fruits’ of the School with my students, now and in the future.

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