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Masters Speech Language Pathology, Children

My nephew, Carson, just celebrated his 9th birthday and he is one of the coolest and smartest kids I know.  However, he suffers a speech impediment which hinders the rest of the world (namely his school mates), from seeing just how great of a boy he truly is and it is an awareness of his distress and embarrassment that prompted me to consider Speech-Language Pathology as a career.

This application is made after careful consideration as it is very clear to me that it takes a special type of person to treat speech disorders; that empathy, determination and enormous patience are the basis for successful outcomes as well as a significant amount of technical knowledge and skills.  I believe that I possess the necessary personal qualities, characteristics and skill-set, together with the academic capability not only to succeed, but to excel in the program and beyond it.  It has always been my intention to ‘make a difference’ rather than merely ‘make a living’ and, though I feel that I have done so to some degree thus far in higher education, I now seek a career that will enable me to have a more personal and directly beneficial effect on the lives of others, particularly children and young adults.

I hold a Bachelor degree in Speech Communications and I believe some parts of the curriculum are directly applicable to the Master of Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Georgia.  My bachelor degree studies taught me how to communicate with individuals from all walks of life.  It taught me compassion and understanding of human interaction.  Additionally, I have taught English as a Second Language which has provided some relevant experience in providing me with a ‘good ear’ for speech quality in carefully gauging the accuracy of accent and also in applying methods to improve it.

I hold a Master’s degree in Education Administration which provides an assurance of my ability to succeed academically at this level. I have extensive experience of working in educational establishments and in interacting happily and successfully with students of a wide age range and I very much enjoy doing so.  I belong in an educational environment and would like to continue my tenure by transitioning to the school system and contributing to the success of school aged children and young adults.

I am regarded as a highly diligent, amicable, patient person who possesses a good understanding of others’ needs, who also acts with consideration and kindness to others. I have worked happily with children, parents and colleagues from many different cultural and social backgrounds during my career and look forward to doing so within this program and in my future career.

I have studied Spanish to an advanced level and spent an enjoyable and useful semester studying at the University of Madrid. While my Spanish is a little ‘rusty,’ my intention is to revive this skill to enable me to extend my usefulness to Hispanic students and their parents in the future.  I have also visited several countries including South America, Europe and North Africa, which has given me the opportunity to immerse myself in other cultures and gain new perspective of the human race.  

It is my ambition to work in speech therapy in a school environment particularly with younger students who are at a stage when speech problems are amenable to prevention and correction.  I am especially interested in apraxia, articulation and phonological processes and would hope to be able to assist with, or undertake, some research in one or more of these areas.  I would also be interested in researching ways of equipping and encouraging parents and care takers to routinely monitor for early signs of potential problems to enable the earliest possible diagnosis and intervention to achieve optimum outcomes.  I would also seek to equip myself to provide assistance with the psychological impact on those affected, who may be tempted to exclude themselves from potentially difficult situations, and to acquire and apply techniques to encourage maximum participation in oral communication at home, at school, at play, and in handling routine tasks.

I have thoroughly researched the Master of Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Georgia and am confident that it will provide me with the skills, knowledge and practical exposure that I seek to acquire to enable me to help children and young adults to achieve their potential in terms of communication, confidence, and self-image.

I am confident that I have the academic ability, relevant experience, knowledge and background, personal attributes, and passion for this area of study which will enable me to ‘add value’ to the program by bringing useful insights to fellow students through the knowledge I have gained throughout my career. 

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