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Masters Nuclear Energy, Europe, EU, Polish

I am enormously excited about the prospect of beginning your program to complete a Master Degree in Nuclear Energy. I see nuclear energy as the central key to cutting our dependence on fossil fuels and cleaning up our environment. I am from Poland and I am especially concerned about the egregious levels of pollution in our country and very optimistic about our future once we more fully join in the quest for clean, nuclear energy. I want to thank Parisian research partners for creating this novel program that brings so much research and education together in the nuclear domain at this most critical juncture in our history. Completing the Master Degree in your program will enable me to work not only on the cutting edge of saving our planet but to also help my native Poland to becoming an increasingly productive member of our European Economic Union.

 I have a long history of professional development that is very much intertwined with engineering and management issues. My own academic training so far has been in the area of supply chain management and electronic data interchange, which I am confident has helped to prepare me to excel in the nuclear energy sector. Furthermore, I am currently enrolled at Poland’s the University of XXXX and will be completing a postgraduate programme this coming August of 2011 in the Basics of Nuclear Energy/

 Poland is in the process of developing a nuclear programme and I want very much to serve my country in this critical moment. I am a native speaker of English and I also hope to use this gift in the service of helping to make our nuclear program possible. I also have achieved an intermediate to advance level of fluency in writing, reading and speaking Russian, which may also be quite useful for my future in nuclear energy.

 My central career goal is to labor to solve practical problems in the energy sector. In addition to completing our postgraduate programme in the basics of nuclear energy. I am also taking private lessons in advanced mathematics, physics, and chemistry to enhance my capacity in these three critical areas. The greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to spend my life working to provide cheaper, cleaner and safer sources of energy. In my case, I want to make my contribution by helping to discover new ways of using nuclear energy more effectively. I have worked in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean for 2 years (January 2008 – January 2010), studied in the UK for 1 year (September 2006 – August 2007), and worked in Russia for 1 year (October 2005 – September 2006) Thus, I have been exposed to numerous different approaches to problem solving in a variety of areas of technological application.

 After completing your program, I hope to help install Poland’s first nuclear plant which is expected to be fully operational by 2020. This will enable me to have the profound satisfaction of spending my life on the cutting edge of the development of safe, cheap and clean energy by converting nuclear energy first into heat and later electricity. Completing your program in France will be the central key to my success in the service of Poland, and, by extension, all of Europe and humanity at large. I sincerely thank you for considering my application and look forward to meeting you soon. 

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