Public Policy and Administration, Police Officer

It is my hope to enroll in and complete your Master of Public Policy and Administration--Distance Learning Program and I write what follows below in support of my application. I want to study in your program at XXXX because it is an excellent school in a convenient location that will enable me to perform my graduate work without career interruption as a police officer. I am most pleased with the technical milestones that have been conquered and mastered by your innovative learning program with web-based, real-time, interactive sessions among students and with the faculty. I look forward to the way that your program will accelerate my professional growth.

I chose to major in Psychology for my B.A. from XXXX. I feel very comfortable in the XXXX system and now wish to continue my studies in the innovative XXXX-MPA Program. I am a career police officer and this master’s degree is perhaps the most relevant subject area for advancement to higher administrative levels of responsibility managing officers and networking with the community.  I am also very fascinated with the LAPD and my long term goal is to be promoted to the position of Police Commander in this location. 
In terms of short term goals, I am looking forward to becoming a Police Lieutenant and then a Captain. Currently, I am the Officer in Charge of an Area Vice unit and the assistant Watch Commander. I have managed and thought officers for eight years now and I am considered one of the leaders in my division. I was transferred to the division where I am currently serving to work with problematic officers and supervisors. I feel this is testimony to my level of professional skill in the areas of communication, problem solving, and general human resource management issues.  I know how to guide, motivate, direct and communicate with people in a highly effective manner.  I now have a total of 12 years of experience in the Law enforcement Field and I feel strongly that this is one of the strongest aspects of my application to your program. The greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to learn how to better manage officers and develop new ways to teach officers how to give of themselves 100% in their effort to better serve our community.

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