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PHD Pharmacy, Multilingual Chinese

I am of Chinese ethnicity though born in Laos and raised in France. I moved to the US to study at XXXX University. I speak Chinese, French and English and am currently learning Spanish. My goal is to qualify as a pharmacist and, eventually to run my own pharmacy.

 I hold a bachelor degree in Finance and most of my working experience has been in computer sales and service though I currently work as a qualified Pharmacy Technician. My change of direction was prompted by significantly increasing competition in my chosen field and, consequently, an income that did not adequately reward my considerable skills and knowledge. Having decided to look for a new direction, I applied the following criteria: a field that interested me, one in which I could help others, one in which my natural aptitudes and academic strengths would enable me to excel and one where demand is increasing. I concluded that pharmacy was by far the ‘best fit’ for my needs.

 The two fields in which I have worked may not appear to have much connection, however when a client brought me a ‘sick’ computer it was necessary to apply diagnostic techniques that would be familiar in healthcare. I always considered the computer to be analogous to the human body with the processor as the brain, the keyboard and mouse as the eyes and ears, the power supply as the heart and lungs and anti-virus software as an antibiotic. I have carefully considered the core skills required of a pharmacist and observed them applied by others in my current work. I consider that I possess, or can acquire, all the required core skills. I have proven and significant experience in many of them, such as highly developed communication skills, problem solving, critical thinking, effective prioritization, decision making and having a meticulous eye for detail.  I excel in math and love science. I also have ‘diagnostic’ experience, though I am fully aware of the complexity of the body in comparison with even the most sophisticated computer.

 My current work involves the verification and entry of prescription orders into the computer system; preparation of medication by mixing, counting and labeling. I am familiar with insurance billing and liaison. I thoroughly enjoy working in a pharmaceutical environment and have learned much by observing and talking to the pharmacists. This experience has fully confirmed me in my choice.

 As a sufferer of Type 2 Diabetes, I have personal experience of the benefits of excellent healthcare advice. I have avoided the need for medication through the lessons learned at nutrition classes and the use of a glucose meter. I hope that it might be possible for me to assist in research related to the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes.

 I am aware that cultural awareness and sensitivity is especially important in the field of healthcare. I have happily worked, studied and socialized with people of many different cultural and social backgrounds and enjoy sharing knowledge of my own with others. I also know that communication with elderly people is an extremely important component of retail pharmacy and calls for patience and a genuine desire to help them obtain the most effective outcomes. I am also aware of the importance of non-verbal signals in communication in a healthcare environment.  

 I know that there will be many highly qualified applicants for the program. However I genuinely believe that I am an excellent candidate. I have excelled in those studies and work in which I have been involved to date by applying my natural diligence and curiosity, I have relevant voluntary and work experience together with relevant qualifications, however my main recommendation is a passion for pharmacy which will enable me to excel within the program. 

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