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PHD Business, Organizational Innovation

I am especially looking forward to doing research in the areas of organizational behavior and innovation management. 10 years from now I look forward to serving as a faculty member in a University here in my native Taiwan. My greatest fulfillment in life would be to devote myself primarily to professional research.

 I have a great deal of experience as an editor, a reviewer, a session chair, a local conference co-chair and an advisory member of boards for international journals, conferences, and academic institutions. I have also worked for a publishing company. I am devoted to doing research and getting it published. The greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to help to prepare future generations of Taiwanese students to become skilled researchers themselves. At the same time, I want to devote much of my time to helping companies to manage their relationship with subordinates and managers more effectively so that they can more successfully face the many challenges of today's dynamic world. I have been to the United States several times, as well as Canada and Australia to take part in academic conferences. Thus, I have had a lot of opportunities to polish the quality of my research and share it with so many other researchers and educators and researchers.

 My father is a director and associate professor at XXXX University and my mother is also a teacher. My twin sister is a graduate student.  My family fully supports me in accomplishing my life goals, pursuing a PhD, and becoming a professional researcher and faculty member at a university. Both my undergraduate degree (BBA) and my graduate degree (MBA) are in business administration; I have completed both basic and advanced courses on management knowledge for the last six years.

 My main research areas are organizational innovation, organizational behavior, creativity development, strategies for innovation, performance evaluation, total quality management, and (fuzzy) multiple-criteria decision-making (MCDM). My papers so far have been accepted and published in “Quality and Quantity”; “Africa Journal of Business Management”; “Expert Systems with Applications”, “Journal of Global Business Issues”, “Business Renaissance Quarterly”, “Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge”, “Journal of Business and Management”, “Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict“, “Journal of Global Business and Technology”, “Global Journal of Business Research”, “Business Journal for Entrepreneurs”, and “The Business Review, Cambridge.” I have tried my best in every course I have taken and learned as much as I could with an eye toward becoming a truly well qualified doctoral student and professional researcher and faculty member in the future.

  I am a member of the Academy for Studies in International Business, the Academy of Human Resource Development, the Institute for Behavioral and Applied Management, the Taiwan Academy of Management, and the International MCDM Society. I serve as Vice President and Publicity Secretary of the XXXX Institute Consortium for Teaching, Research, Learning and Development) in Louisiana in USA, and its CHINA Service Region in Hong Kong. I serve as a reviewer for Applied Soft Computing (SCI), Social Behavior and Personality (SSCI), Annals of Operations Research (SCI), Southern Journal of Entrepreneurship, the Business Renaissance Quarterly, and the Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management, Business Education Innovation Journal. I am a faculty advisor for the Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal and an advisor to the Director of the Franklin Publishing Company. I am an editorial board member of the International Journal of Business and Management Research, B>Quest, the Cambodian Management Journal and serve as an international consultative editor for the Pacific Business Review. I am a panel member of the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM). I have received excellent feedback from conference chairs.

 However, I still feel that I have much to learn and I have a long way to travel before I fulfill my life goals. I enclose my CV should the committee wish to further examine my qualifications.

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