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OT Masters, Haitian-American Woman

Personal Statement of Purpose for Admission to the Master’s Program A 40 year old woman originally from Haiti, I am dedicated to life-long learning and professional advancement. This is why I feel strongly that I am at the optimal point in my career to pursue a specialization in Occupational Therapy, the area of study that is closest to my heart and which I find most exciting. I feel strongly that my undergraduate studies in Training and Development, coupled with my MS in Human Resources Development, provide me with a strong platform from which to build a successful career in OT research and clinical education. I look forward to being closely associated with an academic environment with students and professors sharing ideas and experiences concerning challenges and opportunities in OT research and practice.

I take pride in the fact that I want to earn another Master’s Degree in order to make less money. I am successful at what I do and I have been working in HR with Sony since 2007, the previous 6 years with Pfizer. I feel as if I have paid my economic dues and earned a place in society that enables me to now turn to that which I find most fulfilling, helping people to build and lead richer and fuller, sustainable lives through engagement with meaningful activity--whether developmentally challenged children, the elderly, or wounded veterans, the ultimate goal is the same. My greatest strengths are my strong desire to help those around me and improve the daily lives of others, my ability to inspire people’s trust and our mutual respect. Most of all, perhaps, I am a good listener. These qualities have served me well in HR but I am convinced that my own day-to-day life will be much richer in OT, geared towards community-based practice.

I have continued to use my Creole (and French as well) throughout the 27 years that I have been living in the United States. I have returned to the Caribbean several times on vacation, but I have not been back to Haiti since 2000, even though I still have family there. One of my closest friends, however, started a 501(c)(3) organization which began its services to Haiti in March 2010, in response to the earthquake – it’s mission is to “promote healthy living through, teaching preventative measures, nurturing, and to fostering quality of life to children and their families”. I have been actively involved with this organization and plan to join them in their next mission trip to Haiti slated for Spring break 2014. This trip should allow me the opportunity to begin an assessment of critical needs, how I can make a difference as an OT practitioner.  

I seek guidance from your distinguished program at XXXX University in how to proceed in the formulation of community based goals, and your advice concerning my capacity to build a career helping those in the land of my birth who live without enriching, day to day activity. The devastating earthquake of three years ago served to wake me up to who I am, where I came from, and who my people really are. I have given a lot of thought and study to the special challenges faced by earthquake victims who have been maimed, losing one or more limb to the destruction.

Haiti can be a very challenging place to live and work. And I would never be able to fit in again as if I were just another Haitian. I am convinced, however, that the rigors of your program in OT at XXXX University, and your profound commitment to diversity, will inspire me to be the best OT professional possible; and to ultimately choose the right context, the right community, upon which to build a new world for myself and others, enriching, sustainable, satisfying

I thank you for your consideration of my application to your program.

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