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Masters Nursing MSN, Caring for Older Patients

Pursuing an MSN is more than just a logical or natural progression for my career.  It is a life choice, one that is backed by burgeoning clinical acumen and in-depth exposure to an array of experiences, and levels of care. 

 Moreover, my experiences have proven that my passion for Nursing is most profound when caring for the aged.  It is my aim to bring my determination, and desire to improve my practice and myself to focus, making critical contributions to the field of Nursing.  More specifically, I anticipate an MSN program with sufficient breadth of scope to allow me to increase my depth of understanding in the areas of congestive heart failure and COPD, as well as the special needs and care necessary in the care of the critically ill suffering from a variety of conditions ranging from chronic illnesses to trauma and or crucial surgical procedures.

 Earning my MSN will allow me to bring a number of my goals, ambitions, indeed my dreams to fruition.  Initially, I anticipate pursuing my AANP/CNS certifications, and upon building my exposure in the field, eventually my DNP.  Post-graduation, I envision continuing my work in hospital situations, educating and caring for patients and their families, but also continuing active volunteerism.  There is a distinct need to educate at-risk populations, immigrant populations and minorities in the need to practice preventative measures such as regular blood sugar, pressure checks and regular physicals.

 These past two-and-a-half years working with patients on long-term ventilators, patients that are suffering from chronic disorders ranging from CHF, AFIB, COPD, DM and other chronic conditions that affect their every day and every activity, I have been developing in my mind the ideals for my own practice.  There is not only a need, but also a high level of feasibility to treat these patients, managing their chronic conditions on an outpatient basis, thereby giving them increased amelioration of their daily lives.

 I bring with me to the School of Nursing not only a solid academic foundation, an ADN and BSN, but also professional and volunteer experiences in the field, work that has increased my maturity as my responsibilities have grown, as well as proving my detail-oriented and critical thinking skills.  Volunteering in outpatient pharmacy impressed upon me early on the need for accurate yet non-technical explanations with patients, as well as the unique needs of immigrant and at-risk populations.  These experiences lent themselves well to my volunteer work at local community wellness fairs, where I helped provide flu shots, and preventative health screening.  The interaction with my community was amazing.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing, talking with and educating the many diverse groups of people, not just in terms of cultures and creeds, but also socioeconomic status.  In my experience, cultural competency goes beyond being just an ability, it needs to be heartfelt, to sympathize with, understand and appreciate our differences, be it cultural or socioeconomic, an appreciation of the rich tapestry of life that we are all a part of on earth.  What is more, I felt like I was making a difference.  In the hospital, we treat complications born of chronic conditions.  Educating the public, encouraging the simplest of measures, such as checking BP, can help in preventing MI’s, strokes and more.  For me, this is what makes nursing so rewarding. 

 XXXX’s School of Nursing is my sole choice for academic development.  No other school could offer me the same breadth, relevance and autonomy of curriculum.  Moreover, the program promises to give ample exposure for their students as well as impressing upon them current realities in contemporary healthcare, preparing students to step from podium to practice.  To my mind, there could be no better environment from which to launch my career.

 I eagerly await beginning this next chapter in my career – my life – bringing compassionate care to those who need it most.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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