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MSN, Nurse Anesthesia, CRNA, ICU, CCU, ER

For over a decade, I have enjoyed a successful career as a nurse, giving all that I am to the discipline that has brought me such profound personal and professional joy.  And, yet I want to give much more, not just for my own career, but also for my country. I have dedicated nearly my entire adult life to military service and this is one of the reasons why I feel that, given my experiences, aptitudes, clinical acumen and love for teamwork, I am an excellent match for your distinguished program in Nurse Anesthesiology.

 While working at XXXX Army Medical Center, I had the opportunity to shadow a CRNA, gaining invaluable insights into what was involved in their daily work.  I felt a spark within me, renewed energy for my direction in life, a confirmation that I was on exactly the right path.  By observing and getting involved with general and regional anesthesia in the settings of pain management as well as critical care, I found that my special passion is with the great challenges involved in clinical pharmacology, where so much life hangs in the balance.  As a CRNA, I feel I would gain tremendous personal and professional satisfaction from tipping the scales in favor of the patient in these delicate situations, using my skills, education and passion for teamwork to save a life.  I want to make my patients a comfortable as possible, if not bringing about the complete cessation of pain.  I love the intensity of the ICU working environment.  I take the pressures of the job in stride; the need for accuracy, speed and well-developed observational skills, all of which I have worked relentlessly to refine.

 I have become most enamored with the autonomy that the CRNA enjoys within the field of Nursing. Earning my CRNA through the guidance of XXXX’s NA program, I will be able to make my dreams a reality, serving my community and country at a new, higher level. I will be in a position to mentor and teach burgeoning medical professionals, based on practical experience from the field, as well as clinical experience, making my humble, small but important contribution to the dynamic future and creative growth of the field Nurse Anesthesia.

 I bring with me to XXXX’s student body a solid academic foundation in Nursing coupled with 18 years of intensive Nursing experiences earned in an array of set-ups, from ICU, CCU, ER and PACU units, making me a resourceful Nurse, completely adaptable and able to think on my feet.  Having been deployed twice within the USAR, I have cared for soldiers and their families in Germany and the US within ICUs, and have had the chance to mentor new ICU Nurses.

 Any medical professional holds a trusted role in a community and is a role model.  To this end, I continue to volunteer with my church’s youth group, as well as through Kids as Self Advocates (KASA).  Conducting medical mission work with the US military in Paraguay taught me that my dedication to the US military is consistent through peacetime and war.  I made an oath, and I plan on serving my country for at least 20 years, if not longer.

 The University of XXXX is my sole choice for academic development, and I am eager to interact with the accomplished student body and be guided by expert faculty.  What is more, I feel that the Jesuit tradition of education Scranton offers is a perfect coupling for education and medical training.  Precious few Nursing programs in the US offer this ideal conjunction of mind, body and spirit within their curriculums and this means a great deal to me.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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