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MSc Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Iran

I anticipate graduating this summer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science (Mechatronic Systems Engineering) from XXXX University. I hope to pursue a Master’s Degree in the near future and, ultimately, a Ph.D. with the aim of becoming a full time researcher and teacher. My central ambition is to fulfill my full potential as a researcher and to contribute to advances in technology for the common good. I want to devote my life to enabling others to realize their full potential in the scientific community.

As a child, I was always curious about how things worked and how they were constructed. Any new toy was very quickly taken apart so that I could investigate its ‘inner secrets’ and then enjoy the challenge of rebuilding it. My father was the director at the institute of technology in our hometown in Iran and his position provided me with endless opportunities to satisfy my early childhood curiosity and passion for all things mechanical. I especially loved the automobile lab and would carefully inspect the machines and tools, asking endless questions about what they did and how they worked. I love being in a field where my curiosity will never be fully satisfied and countless challenges will always remain, with an infinite number of deconstructions, always re-building and improving.

I have an excellent academic record with a GPA of 3.7 in the last two years of my undergraduate studies. I have also acquired substantial research experience as an undergraduate. I was selected for inclusion in a research team supervised by two of my professors and had the honour of having my name included as co-author of a conference paper relating to impact diverting mechanisms for protective headgear for which a patent application has been filed. This research experience provided me with the opportunity to explore research areas related to biomedical engineering. I believe that I have the characteristics of curiosity, determination and the ability to approach problems in innovative ways; and my interests, studies and research to date provide me with a solid foundation for a lifetime of research in mechatronics and biomedical technology.

I have served as a volunteer tutor for several different classes and acted as a mentor for new students, assisting them with a smooth transition to university life. This mentorship program gave me the opportunity to meet students from a wide variety of cultural and social backgrounds and I find that there is little to compare to the joy of helping others to achieve their educational goals.

After careful research and consideration of available programs, I have decided that my first choice for graduate studies is the pursuit of the Master’s Degree in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of XXXX in because of its excellent reputation, the ranking of your program, the especially creative research endeavors of your faculty, and the world-class research facilities. I seek a highly challenging and academic environment such as yours and I especially look forward to learning from other graduate students from around the world who are as passionate as I am about engineering.

I believe that I have demonstrated the necessary level of intelligence, diligence, relevant study and successful research experience to enable me to excel in your program and make meaningful contributions in terms of graduate research.

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