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MSc Logistics and Operations Management, UK

I am a young woman from Mexico who wants very much to dedicate my life to helping my country to develop economically, especially through the advancement of technology and its application to operations management. I feel very strongly that another of the greatest contribution that I might be able to make to my society would be to help change the perception of Mexico in the world. Over the course of the next generation, I want to help my country to become well known not only for its drug violence, cheap labor, and beautiful beaches, but for its advanced technological applications and industrial infrastructure. In Mexico, many if not most of our strategic positions are occupied by foreigners and I want to work to change this as well. Completing your program will prepare one young Mexican woman to occupy the place of a foreigner and to serve as an example to new generations of Mexicanas that they too can become economic leaders in our beloved country that, unfortunately, is also famous for its machismo and lack of appreciation and support for female professionals.

 The Business School at XXXX is my first choice for several reasons. I profoundly admire British culture and look to the UK as the educational leader of the world. After an extensive search of programs in my area of interest, I have settled on your new 12 month MSc Programme because I seek an intensive immersion in a rigours programme that will expose me to the vast breadth of understanding essential for a successful career in logistics, supply chains and operations management. Your programme is exceptional in its capacity to provide me with the academic preparation that I seek in this area. I am also attracted to the flexibility of your program insofar as students are allowed to select modules of study in accordance with their own interests and the special areas of interest in which they want to do in-depth research. After giving my all and excelling in my first two academic semesters, I keenly look forward to writing my dissertation of the summer; of course, it will deal with the challenges faced by my beloved Mexico.

 My long term goal is to become an Operations Director at a manufacturing company with an international presence. Over the short term, I look forward to gaining many more years of additional professional experience in a manufacturing environment. I already have an advanced understanding of process planning and optimization, productivity improvements and cost structures, and the development of new and creative methods to enhance customer satisfaction. I am highly motivated with a great deal of personal initiative and I see myself as an agent of change. I have experience serving in a leadership position at Ford where I worked as an analyst of critical situations developing highly advanced teamwork skills that resulted in my receiving the coveted Peer to Peer Recognition Award, resulting from my leadership on a "high-risk project" (becoming the 2nd buyer in Mexico to win this award). I look forward to working with my peers in your program as part of high performance teams.

 I am not only well read for my age, but I am also well traveled, a cosmopolitan Latina who has taken two summer courses in France and also visited Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and Luxemburg in 2004. I visited Canada in 2006 and have gone to the USA at least 3 times on business. My travels have helped me to become open minded and a quick learner who adapts rapidly to new environments. Foremost among my accomplishments has been my conquest of English, as well as extensive vocabulary in other languages along with exposure to a variety of methods for communication with people who speak neither English nor Spanish.

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