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MSc Architecture Masters, Europe

It has been said that architecture is a continuing dialogue between generations across time. As a French national enrolled for a Bachelor of Science Degree at the Vienna University of Technology, my vision is to explore new frontiers in architectural concepts. By combining the cumulative knowledge acquired from the design of the buildings we inherited with advances in computer-generated technology, we would be able to leave a legacy of an innovative 21st century world through the quality of our cities’ buildings.

It is the cities of the world that have most inspired my passion for architecture. Having traveled in various countries on different continents and being multilingual in French, German, English and Italian, I have a worldview that encapsulates a myriad of nuances and tones gleaned from my experiences which I hope to capture in the buildings I help create as an architect.

My journey in appreciating architecture began far earlier than any education in the discipline and continues daily. Etched in my mind is my first trip to the city of Palazzo where I observed the vulnerability of ancient building. Later, at Eike Becker Architects in Berlin, I was exposed to various aspects of architectural practice including planning, design and research. Participating in a new housing complex on the site of the destroyed Berlin wall was a highlight. During my internship at Delugan Meissl I saw the potential of new software in the development of furniture.  Working at Sou Fujimoto in Japan the process that develops ideas and the difficulties experienced in finding an architectural identity were part of my learning curve.  In attending international symposia, being given the chance to participate in international competitions, developing ideas for the next World Expo Shanghai (2010) and the Venice Biennale (2010) and visiting prestigious architectural firms like Bill Dunster and Alsop Architects in London, I was able to appreciate urban design and explore the discipline.

Upon graduating in July this year, it is my goal to embark on graduate study towards the Master of Architecture Program at ETH University.  In addition to an architectural practice, my long-term goal is to develop an academic presence through publications, and teaching at a tertiary level and it is my belief that this program would give me the best opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge through the caliber of students and Faculty the University attracts.

I am cognizant that a good architect lives a balanced life; as a sports enthusiast who enjoys tennis and marathons, my relaxation comes from playing jazz guitar. I am also aware of the significance of sustainable development and am committed together with my brother to humanitarian efforts in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The greatest contribution I could make as an architect would be to design buildings that would preserve the sights and sounds of the 21st century for the next generation. I trust that you afford me the opportunity.

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