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MSc Advanced Computing

MSc Advanced ComputingFrom the time I was twelve years old, I have had daily contact with computers.  I will never forget my father buying me my first desktop computer.  My excitement was intense, finding me completing my homework and spending every spare moment with the computer, graduating from just playing games to exploring the inner workings of the Windows environment, Word, Excel, media players and the world of the Internet.  When I learned that the sounds, graphics and animation I enjoyed so much online were designed and programmed by computer programmers and software developers, my fascination turned into a obsession, my feet firmly on the path to exploring Computer Science, Software Engineering, and more.

Having completed my B. Tech in IT and my professional IT exposure, I have come to find that my passion for designing algorithms and software, as I did in college is where my heart and future truly lies.  Moreover, in the most practical terms, my work to date has become unsatisfying, going only slightly beyond a means to an end.  In order to bring my plans, goals - my dreams - to reality, a graduate degree and not just work experience are precisely what I need.  Specifically, I have seen a distinct need for fresh ideas and sustainable, creative solutions within the field of Software Engineering and even Distributed Systems.

 Completing my MSc in Computer Science or Advanced Computing will enable me to achieve my career goal of becoming a Software Architect.  And yet, my career goals disguise the social engineering aspects of my aims.  Growing up and being educated in rural Mettur, India, we had just one Internet café.  Today, as then, it remains empty, surrounded by a town that is backward and ignorant, particularly to computers.  It is my intention to rectify this situation, spearheading a mobile computer and Internet lab project, thereby increasing students’, and older populations’ Internet awareness, the power of networking, how this can impact their daily lives, income and thus quality of life.  The ideal would be computerize rural towns, bringing them the ability to shop online, engage in social and academic activities, manage their own stores, inventory control among other abilities.

 I bring with me to the student body an excellent foundation in both academic and professional IT and Computer Science.  My employers recognized my work ethic and abilities, calling upon me frequently to train new employees and my colleagues in new processes and techniques.  This process has increased not just my abilities and knowledge, but also my maturity, sense of responsibility, interpersonal ability, and even leadership skills.

 The field of Computer Science and Advanced Programming to my mind offers me the ability to advance my career, but more importantly to advance the lives of others, starting within my country.  India is a developing nation, one that needs qualified and people fluent not just in her languages, but also the cultural experience.  I look forward with great eagerness to bringing about sustainable changes in people’s lives through technology.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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