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MS SLP, Rehabilitation, Multilingual

Your program at XXU is my first choice for graduate school because of its distinguished faculty and cutting-edge resources, along with its broad ranging curriculum that addresses virtually all aspects of human speech and related pathologies. I plan to give my all to your program and I am very much looking forward to a complete immersion in the study of all aspects of human speech, especially its mechanics, learning to recognize and treat speech disorders in both adults and children. I am keenly looking forward to mastering and continuing to stay abreast of the literature dealing with virtually all speech and language disorders and challenges related to voice, language, aphasia, stuttering, other speech-and-language learning disabilities, etc.

 I am a woman with many diverse interest and I come from a diverse background since  my father is Lebanese and my mother is Panamanian. I was raised in Brooklyn, New York and did my undergraduate work at Brooklyn College. I have known for some time that speech-language pathology was the career form me and this is why I majored in this area as an undergraduate student. I am especially interested in doing research in the areas of autism, voice disorders, and stuttering. I am particularly concerned with the fact that the prevalence of autism has been increasing in recent years, from 1 in 1000 to 1 in 110 children. I hope to do important research in the future dealing with the complex relationship between autism, on the one hand, and speech-language disorders on the other.

 I hope to someday operate my own private practice as a speech language pathologist, diagnosing and treating individuals with communication impairments, especially children, and in this way helping to alleviating some of the burdens on their family. I speak Spanish and Arabic on an intermediate level and I speak Hebrew very well. I see my multi-lingual language skills as a distinct asset since the more languages one has mastered, the more one is able to understand the important subtleties of language as well as its complex foundations.

 I have volunteered at the XXXX Center for Rehabilitation and Residential Health Care where I assisted as a translator and helped with other communication activities with the elderly. I conversed with them regarding their life situation, families, experiences, feelings, and some of the happiest moments of their childhoods. I tried to relive those moments by playing board games with them, baking with them, and basically doing everything that would make them smile, all while observing their interaction with an approved clinical speech language pathologist. I also volunteered tutoring elementary students in English and math subjects. I am a very dedicated and hard working women who very much wants to excel in your program.

 My central goal in life is to help as many people as I can to overcome speech disorders or challenges in their communication with others. I plan to work in a grade school that is made up mostly of children from at risk families because I feel that is here that I will be able to make my greatest contribution to my society. I thank you for considering my application.

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