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MS SLP Speech-Language Pathology, Volunteer

I was raised in Incommack, New York and now reside in West Babylon. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Special Education from XXXX College. In addition to my professional duties, I have undertaken substantial volunteer work over the past 15 years including; involvement in food drives, working in homeless shelters and working with the jobless.  I feel a real empathy with the less privileged.

I do what I can to assist both practically and emotionally. I have become more and more aware that little separates members of ‘normal’ society from those who, for one reason or another ‘slip off its edges’. I believe that providing those who are marginalized with the knowledge that they are not nearly so ‘apart’ as they may have come to believe is a vital step in helping them reclaim their part in society. Their company has often been inspirational to me personally and I have much to thank them for. The traffic has certainly been ‘two way’ in my voluntary activities.

I have worked in the field of special education for the past 18 years. This was not merely a career choice but the response to a vocation to foster inclusion of those who struggle to undertake tasks that others may find relatively easy.  I feel privileged to have been able to fulfill this vocation and, as with my voluntary work, have gained and learned much from my students and their families.

 Most of my working life has been spent within schools, working with students suffering autism and undertaking private work with them. I have also worked with emotionally disturbed ‘middle schoolers’ and with physically challenged children who suffered a variety of conditions such as cerebral palsy and genetic abnormalities and who required special methods of communication.


I am regarded as a very effective therapist and I know that this arises because I really do care, and care passionately, about my students and their families and I always seek to provide the very best outcomes possible for them and will ‘go the extra mile’ to achieve it.

One of the main reasons for applying is that I have met several graduates of the program who have been colleagues and I have found them all to be exceptional and enthusiastic therapists. All were very positive about their training and I am very keen to share their educational experience.  

If successful, I hope to undertake research into the area of child language development. I am aware that the program will attract many well qualified applicants but I feel that, in addition to my highly relevant professional and educational background, I possess a degree of passion for this subject that will be hard to match.

Thank you for considering my application. 

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