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M.S. Degree in Cell and Molecular Biology

With my eye set on dentistry for some time, I see further preparation in the rigors of the physical sciences as the best way to make the most of dental school later on. I want to take the understanding that I have gained from my undergraduate study of the Life Sciences to the higher level of graduate school; a most welcome challenge as I love to study, probing the depths and the mysteries of life. At 24, I have distanced myself from football and my childhood dream of going professional. Nevertheless, I think football, a big slice of my life, has ultimately helped to prepare me for the life-long cultivation of generosity through public service: dodging conflict, sprinting and dancing at the same time. For me football also serves as a metaphor for scientific research and the perennial quest for enhanced technology. I have been volunteering at and shadowing at a dentist office for the past 11.5 years. This was something that just came naturally to me since I felt the need to make a professional commitment early on in life. For most of my life, I have competed in long distance races and this has also helped to propel my journey into the physical sciences. While running, I experience a rollercoaster of sensations that I relish to explore intellectually—both when I feel good and when I am in pain. Keeping myself attuned to our biological goals of endurance and adaptation, I have set my sights on your program at Tulane as a solid foundation for dental school and the subsequent practice of this most human of arts. I want to become a physical scientist, friend, and public servant seeking to serve my community through the promotion of health care.

 My focus turned to dentistry when I heard a local dentist speak about his profession at my high school career day, sharing his profound contentment that resulted from the performance of such an essential service for the community, in an environment that promises autonomy, yet frequent patient contact; this struck a chord with me. Since then, I have directed my academic and personal endeavors towards preparation for dental school, cultivating a strong scientific foundation in my undergraduate coursework and supplemented by a post-baccalaureate certificate in medicine. I have sought and found exposure to our health care systems by working in a hospital clinic as a dental assistant, interacting with patients and performing back-office duties. I began volunteering at the office of Dr. XXXX last year and he has proven to be a most generous and supportive mentor, allowing me to observe numerous procedures and introducing me to the numerous aspects of private practice. I have learned a great deal of dental terminology, witnessed doctor/patient discussions, and mastered the use of many dental tools.

 The oldest of three adopted children, for much of my life, I worked diligently to overcome a learning disability. The challenges inherent in these circumstances have imbued me with a heightened level of empathy and sensitivity and have helped me understand and respect our wide range of social, ethnic, and cultural differences in today’s urban America. Serving as an assistant high school cross-country coach has also helped me to understand the practice of mentorship and foment the need to achieve confidence and success. I see my education to dentistry as a marriage of craftsmanship, medicine, and leadership based on the solid foundation of a Master’s Degree in Biology 

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