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MS, Master’s in Project Management, Chinese

I am Chinese, raised in Beijing and now living in Boston. I anticipate the award of the B.S. degree in Leadership from XXXX University in July of this year. My goal is to complete the M.S. degree in Project Management and ultimately to return to China to set up my own business. I believe that participation in the program will enable me to achieve my goals.

 I am attracted to the program by the breadth of the curriculum and the significant exposure to ‘real-world’ projects which participation will offer. Such knowledge and experience will, I believe, be of enormous value to me in starting a business since I will, at least initially, be combining many roles. Once my business begins to expand, the wide range of knowledge and skills gained will also enable me to delegate and monitor very effectively. I believe that the studies towards my Bachelor degree have provided me with an excellent base on which to build. They have equipped me with knowledge and skills in several areas relevant to the Master’s program, such as finance, organizational behavior and business law, together with a familiarity with general management concepts and techniques.

 I have very much enjoyed my time in the College of Professional Studies which has provided a very positive, rigorous and challenging academic environment and look forward to continuing my studies there. It is my hope to undertake research in an area or areas that relate to new business set-ups to assist me in reaching my goal of founding a successful enterprise and assisting others to reach theirs. I am also interested in researching into ‘stalled’ and troubled projects.

 In the long term, it is my hope not merely to found a successful business, but also to enable others to succeed by being an example of success and by offering my future employees the encouragement to work and study their way to achieving their own personal and professional goals. I would also seek to pass on the knowledge and skills gained in the program to other small business owners and potential owners in my home country.  China has many entrepreneurs but there is a lack of available formal business education for small business owners. I hope to assist in correcting this situation to some degree.

 I have travelled widely throughout Europe and Asia and have lived in both China and the United States. I have happily studied and socialized with people from many different cultural and social backgrounds and look forward to widening such experiences within the program.

 I have undertaken voluntary work in the Children’s Hospital in Boston, helping to scan patients’ records. I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and hope to continue to give my time in this way.

 I have successfully studied at degree level in a second language. I believe that this demonstrates my diligence, commitment and determination. I also consider myself to be adaptable and intellectually curious. I am enthusiastic in everything I undertake and am a good ‘team player’ who readily shares and gives credit to others. I believe that these characteristics will enable me to obtain maximum benefit from the program. I undertake to devote all my energies, not merely to participating but to excelling in my studies.

 I am aware that the program will attract many well qualified applicants. However, I genuinely consider myself to be an excellent candidate because of the relevance of my academic career to date, my personal characteristics and, most of all, because of my passion for business related study. I believe that I can ‘add value’ to my class and look forward to doing so. 

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