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MS Global Business, Armenian, Russian


I was born in Armenia, but I am also Russian. I remember both countries well and they stay with me, even after many years in America. I want very much to return someday to Armenia as well Russia, as a professional and to use both languages professionally. XXXX’s MS Program in Global Business is my first choice for graduate school for several reasons. I am finishing my undergraduate degree in business here at XXXX and I love my university; along with an established network of family and colleagues in the surrounding area. Most of all, however, I feel strongly that XXXX is doing the best job around of making a business masters fundamentally international, with this aspect as an integral part of the program.

I have already been traveling as a result of my wise selection of XXXX for my undergraduate studies in business. I had the great privilege of participating in two, two-month programs abroad, one in Florence, Italy in the summer of 2010, and another in Shanghai, China in the summer of 2011. Along with my background in Russia and Armenia, these extensive opportunities to study not only in Europe, but China as well, have inspired me to assume the mantle of a truly international student of business, and someone whose professional interests fit quite well with the international focus of your program.

I also very much appreciate the fact that the classes are small at Pepperdine with a high ratio of teachers to students. Thus, teachers are better able to engage with each student individually and to provide one-on-one, tailored wisdom and critically important suggestions along the way, as I continue to refine my academic and professional interests in the context of global studies. I am convinced that completing the MS in Global Business at XXXX will enable me to stand out among other applicants on the job market, and that it will empower me to attain the kinds of dynamic professional opportunities that I dream of, involving lots of travel, strategy, teamwork, and rapid split- second, creative thinking in light of international business dynamics. The XXXX School’s curriculum will serve as an optimal platform for me to pursue a lifetime of business opportunity. By the time that I graduate, I will be a business woman who has already acquired a formidable set of international business experiences. My long term goal is to become a senior executive for a company that provides services, preferably in the entertainment industry. I would like to lead the marketing department.

I want to devote my life to providing people with honest, ethical, and high quality services. I hope to spend vast segments of my professional life traveling for pleasure as well as business. I want to return to Europe and I am developing a new interest in South America. There are many regions of the world where my Russian skills, in particular, might prove quite useful to the corporate world. I look forward to interning abroad once again abroad in your program and gain experience working for a truly global corporation. I thank you for considering my application to your program.

I would have liked to have had the opportunity to have participated in more clubs and associations as an undergraduate student. I have been very limited by the fact that I am a commuter student and I need to be headed back home by the time that many evening events are just getting started.

I did join the Sports Business Association as well as the Middle Eastern Peace Awareness MEPA group during my first year at XXXX. Both clubs brought together international students of many different nationalities and ethnicities: and to the extent to which it was possible to do so, I tried to learn something from each one. The diversity of values in these groups was just as pronounced as was the diversity of ethnicity. It is diversity itself that I thrive on. Throughout my undergraduate education at XXXX, both with respect to my extracurricular activities, as well as personal friendships, I have went out of my way to cultivate relationships with people who are from an area of the world that I wish to add to the growing list of areas that I want to learn more about.

I want to cultivate ‘perspectivalism’, understanding how someone’s ideology is very much a product of their historical social, political, and educational background. I see cultures as jewels or treasures, and getting to know someone from a given society, especially for the first time, can provide an opportunity to learn a great deal not just about that individual, but about his or her society as well. I have already long ago ceased being judgmental about the values or points of view of someone else. One of the things that I have always loved about XXXX is the fact that it is home to such a great variety of ethnic groups. If accepted to your program, I hope to continue to build and nurture friendships and professional networks with people from all over the world.

I feel that I have a special gift in the area of the Middle East.  Armenia, of course, is not the Middle East, and certainly not Russia, the two areas where I have my roots and language skills. Despite the fact that their meetings were at night which would sometimes require a long commute twice a day, I would attend the MEPA meetings, even though late at night on the same day that I had an early morning class. I am not sure why I have such a profound sense of connection with the Middle East. Clearly, us Armenians are little sensitive like Jews, by our cultural experiences of being victims of genocide. Perhaps I also feel Russian as well (especially when speaking Russian) the ‘other side’ in the Cold War.

At this moment my heart is in Syria. And I have been in touch with other members of MEPA to discuss what drastically little we can to do help. We are working our laptops in resistance to the Assad regime. I want to participate in social change. For me however, my natural path to do so is in the international business world, as a distinguished graduate of XXXX’s MS in Global Business Program.

I have often reflected upon what I see as a similarity between Armenians and many Jewish people, especially across generations, a lingering sense in which their moral world view has been defined by the genocide of their people. I have an Armenian soul in this sense, insofar as I am keenly passionate about social justice. It is my hunger for social justice that probably best distinguishes me from other applicants to your program.

Since I have been a student for the last four years, I do not really have a great deal of experience as a volunteer or an activist. Still, I find myself moving in these directions. I am studying the work of Amnesty International and thinking of volunteering my time in the future to a worthy cause by devoting several hours a week to the plight of political prisoners. In this area, I tend to think sometimes in Russian and to describe the situation in its own language. Russia is an interesting case in point of the intersection of political freedom and economic success. The most prominent political prisoners in Russia are the billionaires that fell out with Putin. This kind of injustice motivates me to want to do all that I can to make sure that injustices are denounced by the international community.

At the same time that I always want to stay abreast of the news concerning challenges to basic human freedoms wherever they exist, I also feel that devoted myself first and foremost to my career as a business executive will mean that I am making the greatest contribution possible, at least for me, to making the world a better and more secure place to live as a result of economic development.

While our global economic interdependence comes with many challenges, I see a certain sense of stability that it provides for the vast majority of its players. I like to think of my own intellectuality as operation on the fringes between the political and business worlds. I do think that it is important for the business executive to be well versed in political and social trends and discussions of the day, especially in or concerning the area in which he or she is trying to generate economic development.

I also feel that my application is distinctive from that of many other insofar that I have had had two important study experiences overseas, one in Europe and the other in China. These experiences, especially when taken together with my awareness of all things Russian, helps to provide my application with an international flavor that I think is a good fit for such a thoroughly international program.

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