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MS Education, Learning & Development, Latina

My whole working life of nearly 10 years has been spent in the field of training and I have enjoyed (almost) every day of it. Effectively and efficiently imparting information, knowledge and skills to employees for the benefit of the company is, of course, the basis of the trainer’s role. However, the employer’s needs are also very well served by enabling employees to see that their personal potential may be much greater than they assumed, and in giving them encouragement and assistance in realizing that potential within the company. My aim is always to achieve both of these objectives.

My parents came to the United States from El Salvador and their own university education was curtailed by civil war, during which they moved to the United States. They took ‘blue collar’ jobs to support me and my siblings but their reverence for education certainly left its mark on us.  They both still attend locally funded adult classes where in the past, I have volunteered as an educator, teaching the basics of English as a second language. The determination, diligence and optimism of adult students, many of whom have suffered many kinds of obstacles and problems in the past, are an inspiration and a joy. It had always been my intention to ‘make a difference’ in the lives of others rather than merely to ‘make a living’ for myself.  Seeing the positive effects of the training programs that I have helped design and deliver, and the impact it has had on adult learners and their career aspirations, has been a very satisfying experience. It is my belief that in education it truly is ‘never too late’ and I encourage that belief in my students.

I derive great satisfaction in managing to engage the hesitant or unenthused employee to active and enthusiastic participation in a training program, and from having an employee say that they have learned something which is directly useful to them and that they had some fun in doing so.  I also believe that employers should encourage, and if possible assist, employees to pursue interests that may not have any directly vocational application, as this can create an appetite for learning and development in all areas of life and in advancing the general well-being of employees, which is of real benefit to employers.

As you will see from my resume, my considerable experience in Learning & Development has been acquired in a range of industries and training settings. This experience has involved the use of a very wide variety of materials and techniques. Specifically targeted projects in which I have been involved, have resulted in highly successful outcomes both for companies and employees.

My ultimate ambition is to attain a leadership role, to lead a team of instructional designers and to mentor those new to this area of work.  My academic background, my wide experience of training in a variety of settings, together with my genuine passion for training will, I am convinced, enable me to ‘add value’ to the program, as I shall be able to share highly relevant and useful insights and experiences that my background has provided. 

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