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MRes, Masters in Research, Arab Woman

I am an Arab woman born and raised in Damascus, Syria now living in Amman, Jordan. I hold a Bachelor degree in Pharmacy awarded by the Arab International University, Syria in 2009. I speak Arabic and English and some French.

 During and since my graduation, I have become increasingly interested in research and have a strong desire to pursue a degree that is specifically related to this discipline. I want to learn as much about research techniques as possible and to acquire skills in applying them whilst undertaking advanced research projects. It is my hope to devote myself to research in order, ultimately, to assist in the effective prevention, control and treatment of various diseases. There is a lack of research experience in my home country and I hope to assist in righting this situation.

 The M(Res) course is ideally fitted to my interests and goals. I particularly wish to study in the UK because of the high standard of teaching provided and the demanding and challenging academic environment they provide. 

 I am currently receiving training at the Jordanian National Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Genetics in the Stem Cells Department. This training has included the culturing, purification and isolation of stem cells using a high quality technique using autoMACS, MidiMACS, gentleMACS and ClinMACS and analysis of samples using Flow cytometry.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my involvement in this project work which has fired in me a fascination for research work and particularly into stem cells that I now wish to extend. This training has also provided me with experience of working as a member of a project team which has been very useful to me.

 My particular areas of interest are stem cells and regenerative medicine and I would hope to be involved in projects relating to these topics during the course. Specifically I am interested in the potentialities of stem cells for differentiation and in studying specific cell types with determined functions in certain organs. I also seek to advance the understanding of the molecular mechanisms controlling stem cells differentiation and survival.

 During my undergraduate studies, I volunteered to work in a team working in Syria studying the cardiovascular risk factors in that country. This involved me in obtaining completed questionnaires, measuring blood pressure and BMI.  This was my first involvement in medical project work and was both fascinating and productive.  My long term goal is to work in a medical research institute focusing on stem cell research and collaborating internationally with other research institutions in sharing the fruits of their work.

 I have travelled in Europe including many childhood visits to France when my mother was studying there. I have also travelled widely in the Middle East. I am interested in cultures other than my own and look forward to collaborating with students and faculty members from a variety of cultures and backgrounds and to sharing insights into my own.

 I have carefully considered the course content and am confident that I have the academic skills to excel in it.  I also believe that I possess the attributes to be an excellent research specialist. I am extremely inquisitive and a creative thinker, I am also very persistent in pursuing my goals.  I enjoy team work and get along well with others but am also able to work happily alone.

 I am aware that the course will attract many well qualified applicants and that difficult decisions will have to be made.  However, I genuinely believe that I am an excellent candidate. I can offer an excellent academic record, a solid work ethic, some relevant research experience and, not least, a passion for research.

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