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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David

MPH, Oral Pathology, Microbiology, Indian

I hope to earn a second Master’s at XXXX in Public Health so as to attain the finest education possible in this area. A dentist from India who is now making California her permanent home, earning my MDS in Dental Surgery in my country of origin, after completing dental school, will help me to excel in the Public Health Program at Berkeley, especially because the focus of my Master’s studies in India was primarily in the area of Oral Pathology and Microbiology. My objective is to become a public health professional here in my new home and put what I have learned as a dentist in India to go use here in America, training for a new but closely related field of study and professional practice.

I am extremely highly motivated to become a public health professional with a focus on oral issues and challenges here in America, rather than returning to the practice of dentistry, because of my intense devotion to the cause of prevention. I want to stop disease in its tracks before it wreaks a great deal of havoc. I want to prevent tragedy in the first place, rather than treating the damage. A voracious reader, nothing gets me as animated as reading about viral outbreaks like Zika and Ebola, constantly reinforcing my desire to learn everything that I can about infectious diseases so as to be able to make my maximum contribution to my society, serving on the front lines in the battle against the epidemics of tomorrow, as well as those of today. I want to make my mark in life in the area of immunization, helping to develop and administer vaccines for potentially fatal infections such as influenza, HPV, herpes zoster etc. Furthermore, I want to labor to help make medical treatments for infectious diseases available on a global scale, not just in the USA or the Developed World.

In particular, I hope to study TB among immigrant populations at XXXX. Seeking an in-depth understanding of the pathogenesis of various infectious diseases, especially tuberculosis, I want to learn everything about new therapies for TB and the development of vaccines. I am concerned with how rampant TB remains in immigrant populations which can also pose a risk to general populations. TB is spreading rapidly in India and new, stronger strains are developing each year that are resistant to available treatments. I have tried on several platforms to spread awareness about the severity of this crisis, how it is spread, its relationship to diet, etc. In this area in particular, I think that I am well qualified to break new ground on our frontiers of knowledge, studying under the finest Public Health faculty on earth.

I need a graduate degree in Public Health from XXXX because I don't want to pursue clinical dentistry; rather, I want to devote my professional life to research in Public Health. Everything that I have accomplished until now has prepared me for my dream, my extensive training in dentistry as well as Hematology and Oral Pathology laboratories. Now, I look forward to a full immersion in healthcare systems, services, public health challenges and policies. I feel strongly that my experience serving as an Instructor and researcher in dental surgery (2012 through 2015) in India will help me to hit the ground running at XXXX and distinguish myself.

Since immigrating to the USA last year, both my father and my father-in-law have been diagnosed with cancer. My level of motivation could not be higher and I thank you for considering my application to XXXX Public Health.

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