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MPH, Occupational Safety and Health, Veterinarian

I an experienced veterinarian from Nigeria who permanently located to the USA in 2013 and I am a proud mother of two beautiful and lovely children. Now 29 years old, I have matured in my thinking and I have a stronger focus, determination, and intent to excel in my heart than I did few years ago. Increasingly, upon my arrival to the United States, I have continued to develop an endless interest in Public Health, and it is this area where my career goals and interests lie.

I believe that animals are our distant relatives and that all life—both human and non-human—is bound together in many interesting and important ways. Thus, I have a very strong belief and feeling that my the knowledge, skill-sets, and experience that I have acquired as a veterinarian will help me to excel in this area of public health at XXXX University.

I understand that that your program is rigorous and challenging and I decided to stay home and take care of my two little children until now before going back to school for re-training in a professional field because I feel strongly that spending the first year or so with their mother is the most healthy beginning for any child and these past two years bonding with my babies has been the best time of my life ever. Yet, it is now time for me to re-train for my insertion in the work force here in America and I hope to begin studying soon in your MPH Program at the XXXX Health Science Center.

My background in the biological sciences has prepared me to excel in a variety of areas relating to biology and public health. In pursuit of my goal to get a masters degree in public health, I began to research institutions with a track record of excellence in Texas then I found XXXX School of Public Health to be a school that will provide high quality education, owing to its well qualified professors, along with relatively small class size which will make my learning experience more personal and interactive. I believe that your particularly distinguished program will give me the necessary tools to be able to achieve my career goals of becoming an occupational safety and health specialist and I see myself becoming a proud ambassador of this reputable college upon graduation.  I know  I  will not only get an extremely high  quality education , but I will also build  a  network of strong and lasting professional relationships.

Upon acceptance to your program, I want to use this great opportunity further study and build upon my career in the areas that interest me most within the public health sector. I seek to dedicate the balance of my professional life for many decades to come to the promotion of a healthy and safe work force by  designing and implementing health programs  to control, eliminate, and prevent disease and injury,  identifying  biological, physical or radiological hazards, thereby preventing harm to  workers, property, the environment or the general public . I hope to use the skills, knowledge and experience that I will acquire in this program at XXXX University to become highly skilled and professional at risk assessments, particularly in the area of toxicology and human exposure, workplace safety, and the control of infectious disease.

I look forward to the full gamut of study in your curriculum for the MPH in Occupational Safety and Health, especially in the areas of risk assessment, toxicology, and human exposure. Upon graduation from the program, I would like to join a team of like minds either in public, private or a non-governmental organization. I plan to work in synergy with people and organizations with a vision to improving the field of occupational safety and health both locally and globally. I am a very friendly woman with excellent communication skills which I believe is very important for public health professionals to have. I get along well with everyone that I work with. I most enjoy working in teams and I like to think of myself as an especially great self starter and a wonderful team player. I love tackling challenging material with enthusiasm and endurance; I am full of passion for achieving my goals, careful, detail oriented, and fluent in a variety of technologies, thriving, in particular, on the application of technology to learning.

I thank you for the consideration of my application to your distinguished MPH Program in Occupational Safety and Health at XXXX University.

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