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MPH Masters Public Health, Infectious Disease

Every ceiling becomes the platform for the next level; having worked as a nursing professional in the clinical and research setting, I believe that I am ready for the next level in my career. Enrolling in the Masters in Public Health Program at the University of XXXX would provide me with a broader platform with which to improve the quality of life experienced by those afflicted by illness. Born and raised in Columbia, I have traveled through Central and South America and am aware of the health and economic challenges facing countries. A post-graduate qualification in public health will allow me to be effective as a credible voice for positive change to existing health programs.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Columbia twenty years ago and specializing in marketing, I spent the 90’s in product development as a successful marketing director. Switching sectors in the last decade by completing an associate degree in nursing and practising as a licensed registered nurse was warranted given the last five years in which I flourished in the discipline. Two years in clinical research exposed me to a different aspect of nursing, affording me the opportunity to combine knowledge acquired from years in product development with skills acquired as a registered nurse.

My choice to enrol in the Master of Public Health program at University of XXXX is motivated by my wanting to improve health conditions in communities that do not have access to adequate health care. I believe I am an excellent candidate for the program because I am dedicated, hard-working and passionate about helping communities. I also have insight into the economic and infrastructural processes required to accomplish sustainable change. This program would allow me to relate to professionals who share my goals at a colleague and Faculty level.

I am interested in researching public health programs in infectious diseases like HIV-related disease. My long-term goal is to work with organizations that provide access to health care in underdeveloped countries. Being fluent in both English and Spanish and having lived in two different countries, I believe that I have the capacity to relate to communities from diverse cultural backgrounds. I trust that you afford me the opportunity to join this program so that I can take this next step in my journey in serving communities and countries in need of care.



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