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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David

MPH, Masters Degree in Public Health, Indian

I come from a family of health care workers in a small city in India, the youngest of several siblings who are all doctors. As my studies progress, I became more and more aware of the grave interconnections between poverty, on the one hand, and morbidity on the other. Especially tragic are the deaths that occur as a result of the lack of something as simple as potable water. The desperate state of public health infrastructure in India has fortified my resolve and helped me to become a highly disciplined physician. My intense intellectual and academic curiosity compelled me to come to the US. Now, I am especially thankful for having the opportunity to continue to prepare myself for a career in medicine in a country with state-of-the-art medical and academic facilities. I hope to earn the MPH at XXXU because I am convinced that I will have most creative ideas in your state-of-the-art program.

 I want to wrestle with public health challenges across the board, every facet of patients from prenatal through geriatric stages. I am most excited by the process of unlocking the mysteries of illnesses, which is why I want to develop my central professional focus on epidemiology. I am especially fascinated by the study of epidemiology through the prism of life stages. The diversity of illnesses attracts me and this has helped me to become a driven student and doctor. My formation at Guntur Medical College prepared me with a solid foundation for addressing the challenges of public health systems in the Developing World, which will help me to distinguish myself in your program.

 Social and preventive medicine is what I hold most dearly to my heart: compassionate care, social advocacy, and creative ideas for enhancements of systems of community health promotion. I have supplemented my medical school education by working with the community as part of both academic and national health programs, helping me to appreciate the immense potential that preventive medicine has for society and the importance of leadership and management at making it a success.

 Working here in New Jersey as a Clinical Observer has convinced me that I have the same gift for winning the confidence of patients here in America as I did back home, and I am most conscious of the responsibility that accompanies this trust. In addition to direct patient contact, what I most enjoy is working as part of a team and the group satisfaction that results from the achievement of common goals. I find epidemiology to be an especially exciting field with enormous potential for creating positive change. In my case, your program will prepare me to work as an administrator and educator for a nonprofit medical organization.

 Your program is my first choice because of its excellence, and the fact that I live with my family in Camden and it will be convenient for me to attend courses at the Camden Campus. In this way I will have the full support of my family and I will be in a position to give my all to my studies. 

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