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MPH Master’s Public Health, Saudi Arabian

My country, Saudi Arabia, is very wealthy however it still suffers a shortage of highly qualified specialist physicians in many areas. Although advanced in most areas of general healthcare provision, research in the area of public health services is not so well advanced in comparison with those of other wealthy economies and I urgently want to help to ‘fill that gap’.

I entered medicine because I wanted to ‘make a difference’ rather than merely ‘make a living’ and feel that my work to date has partly fulfilled that ambition. However, my experience to date has also convinced me that I can make much more difference to the health of my countrymen and women, by being part of a ‘high level’ solution to the country’s unique health problems. It is my intention to help more people by extending my own training into the vital area of public health, and subsequently by helping to develop effective public health programs and in training other physicians in my country to do the same. My particular interest is in health promotion and disease prevention, especially as it relates to the population of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia suffers some particular public health issues, the effects of which are becoming increasingly apparent and require highly motivated and knowledgeable physicians to counter at a very high level. As instances of the particular problems faced in the country: a high proportion of the population still use tobacco and heavy smoking is common with predictable effects on health; the population is increasingly obese and consequently diabetes, which has long been a major problem in the country, is becoming even more prevalent. Our hospitals also deal with unusually high numbers of car accident trauma victims because of the standards of driver training and driving skills. This certainly does not tell the whole story of the particular local problems but clearly indicates the need for high level interventions in many areas of health education.

I would be particularly interested in assisting in research relating to health education relating to diabetes prevention and in the relative effectiveness of the different ways in which health education materials are presented to the public.

I have thought very carefully about my personality and professional potential before submitting this application. I am aware that this specialism calls for a special kind of physician, one who possesses a natural inquisitiveness, analytical skills of a very high order, an ability to persuade by presenting information in easily understandable but compelling ways to non-clinicians involved in the decisions to act in public health matters and a readiness to cooperate as a team member with people from many professions and medical specialities. I am confident that I possess these characteristics. I am a confident and successful trainer. I get along easily with others and am very happy to work as a member of a team. I enjoy gathering and analysing information and have a natural tendency to try to recognize the underlying causes of identified problems and their possible solutions.

I am not widely travelled but look forward to interacting with colleagues from other countries, cultures and backgrounds. I can promise very enthusiastic, committed and diligent participation in the program and look forward to sharing insights that I have gained in my professional life to date and in benefiting from those of my fellow students. 

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