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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David

MPH, Master’s Degree in Public Health, Indian

I am a 30 year old man born in India, raised in India and Bahrain and currently resident in Los Angeles.  I have traveled very widely, this was partly as a result of the nature of my father’s work and also through a personal desire to experience different cultures. In addition to the countries mentioned above, I have also visited Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kenya, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Mexico. I have worked in India, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.  As a result, I have acquired an exceptional understanding of, and enjoyment in, different cultures and consequently can relate well to others whatever their background. I am fluent in English, Hindi, Arabic and Spanish. I am also able to speak several Indian languages.

I gained my first degree in medicine in India at the young age of 22 and developed an early interest in HIV. I secured first place in seminars on the topic of the biochemistry of HIV out of a class of 100.  I am especially interested in undertaking research in this area.

During the 2004 tsunami, I was privileged to be selected to be part of the rescue team that assisted those living on the islands of Andaman and Nicobar.  The experience of dealing with people who have literally lost all has left a lasting impression upon me and has engendered within me a determination to assist those living in marginal economic circumstances throughout the world.  I believe that this program will assist me in doing so.

I currently work as a Care Director and have acquired experience in the provision of management services and in staff management.  I believe that I have performed at an excellent level in the posts that I have held to date.

In addition to the medical doctor qualification that entitles me to practice in Southeast Asia, and working towards obtaining MD re-certification in the United States, I am also a biotechnical researcher, my work relates to stem cell research and I have acquired extensive and up to date knowledge of the subject.

My work as the Executive Director of the Sri Lanka TIO, has given me an understanding of the requirements for the successful design and implementation of complex medical projects and the need to take careful account of international guidelines.

I am regarded as energetic, diligent, innovative, open-minded and academically curious with exceptional problem-solving skills. I work well in a co-operative team environment and have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities in my current management role.

It is my goal to make a substantial contribution to the world by increasing the appreciation of the causes, and the means of avoiding, those diseases that are still relatively common in the third world, to investigate how different parts of the world are affected by nutritional deficiencies and the means of reducing or eradicating their incidence. I also have a strong desire to undertake further research into HIV. I hope one day to head a large non-profit agency devoted to fostering and enhancing good health in the third world.

I am aware that the School and this particular program are highly prestigious and also that the faculty members are renowned for their contribution to research in the area of public health.  I know that as a consequence, there will be very many highly qualified applicants.  However I also believe that I can ‘bring things to the table’ that will be relevant in ways that many cannot. The care of disaster victims is not something that will not be widely shared by other applicants. My international medical experience is also something that is relevant and will not be widely shared by other applicants along with the direct experience in research and management gained to date. All these experiences provide, I believe, unusual but very relevant experiences that I will be able to usefully share.

I believe that joining the master’s program that your School offers in Public Health would be the optimum way for me to be enabled to employ my personal qualities and to apply and extend the knowledge and experience I have acquired to date. I believe that I shall also be enabled to contribute to the School’s academic community by undertaking successful and significant research and ultimately to further the well being of many, especially in the third world. 

Thank you for considering my application.

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