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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David

MPH Degree, Iranian-Hungarian

I am a 33-year-old woman Iranian-Hungarian woman, a product of a marriage between these two cultures and languages. And I am a medical doctor, trained at the Semmelwiese University of Medicine in Budapest, Hungry in an all-English program. After graduating, I worked as a physician in our public hospital system in Iran. One of the reasons why I seek a career in public health is that I would like to use my native tongues professionally, both Hungarian and Farsi, in some professional capacity in the future. I look forward to at some point doing outreach in public health to both of these countries, examining comparative models, successes and failures through my involvement with a broad variety of NGOs. I hope to teach public health at some point and would especially like to do so in Iran, my native land; if political conditions might someday permit me to do so. I also have intermediate abilities in Arabic, which could come in quite useful as well for international work in public health issues in the Middle East. I am concerned with women’s health issues, in particular, and hope to make this a priority aspect of much of the research to which I look forward to devoting myself in your program.

Since permanently relocating to the United States several years ago, I have served as a Visiting Scholar at several university-based research institutes. I have also had the opportunity to get to know large parts of the United States. Prior to coming to America, I was able to become acquainted with much of Europe. I have always been thankful that I received my medical training in English, because this has served as an excellent platform in the years since then for me to build on. I have always thought about medicine in English, yet I very much enjoyed practicing it in Farsi, Iran.

After graduating with my medical degree in Hungary, I then went home to Iran, where I spent a full year as a Triage Physician in an emergency room. Thus, I felt like I was able to give something back to my country of origin in Iran and despite enjoying practicing emergency medicine, I decided to go back to Hungary where I could continue to study and expand my professional potential. I finished one year of study toward the Ph.D. in the Department of Pathology and Experimental Oncology at the same university where I received my medical degree. I left my studies, however, to accept a research position as a Visiting Scholar in the United States with the XXXX Cancer Center at the University of XXXX Medical Center where I worked under Dr. XXXX, investigating biomarkers with respect to staging, grading, progression and responding to therapy in patients who suffer from melanoma.

Currently, I work as a Research Data Analyst at Transplant Institute of XXXX University. I also had the honor of serving as a Postdoctoral Research visiting Fellow in the Department of Pediatrics of XXXX Medical School, as well as a research fellow in the Department of Human Virology HIV Center at the University of XXXX’s Medical School. I possess extensive scientific experience, as I have worked on a variety of projects related to immunology, molecular biology, and pathology. I am proficient in various research techniques that are most useful for tissue and cell culture research, immuno-histo-chemistry, immuno-cyto-chemistry, DNA extracting and PCR, flowcytometry, Blood processing, Ficoll separation etc. I have also worked with animals and I am proficient at performing basic micro surgeries. My recent experience in clinical research and my clinical understanding will empower me to excel in your program as a researcher. I am a hard worker that is accustomed to long hours and would be deeply honored to have the opportunity to assist with research in your distinguished program.

Since my arrival in the United States and beginning my work with Dr. XXXX, I have been amazed by the profundity of his knowledge and the way that this results in the optimal treatment plan development for each patient. I would also like to teach at some point in my career and it is especially in this area that Dr. XXXX most excels, as a teacher. He is my primary role model so far in my professional career because of his art at teaching fellows and treating his patients at the same time. I especially admire the way that he is always was open to new and better methods of treatment at the same time that he places a premium on patient safety and satisfaction. I hope to make Dr. XXXX proud of me as a professional in the area of Public Health.

I have also been inspired to pursue a career in public health as a result of the deep privilege that I have had of learning from Dr. XXXX. Helping with his research projects has provided new depths to my understanding of the myriad ways that demographic and socio-economy factors play especially critical roles in disease propagation and/or prevention/treatment, as well as progression outcome. In other words, I have become addicted to the political questions that surround health care, which makes me increasingly passionate about research in the area of public health initiatives and challenges. I especially look forward to exploring these areas on a comparative level, comparing the primary challenges and accomplishments of one country with another.

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