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MPH Degree, Dentist, Saudi Arabia

A dentist from Saudi Arabia, now 28 years old, I completed dental School in my country in 2011 which was followed by a one-year internship at the dental clinic of the College of Dentistry at XXXX University, from which I graduated and where I continue to be employed as a Demonstrator. I am also the Supervisor of our Community Dentistry Unit and serve as Vice Dean. I am applying to your distinguished program in Public Health at XXXX University because of the way in which your program is famous globally and recognized as one of the finest and most international programs in public health in the world. I feel strongly that earning the MPH Degree in your particularly highly esteemed MPH Program at XXXX University would inspire and empower me to make my maximum contribution to my society as an oral health professional. I believe that I am held in high esteem by my supervisors and colleagues primarily because I am such a hard worker. Completing your program would enable me to advance both within and beyond my career as a dentist in Saudi Arabia, to mature and come to better understand oral health issues from international perspectives as well as to think creatively about oral health issues in the context of Saudi Arabia most specifically as well as the larger Middle East region.

Research is fundamental to the way in which I see my future and I look forward to many decades to come laboring to excel in this area. I am currently assisting Dr. XXXX and his colleagues with research in several areas of oral health care from the visually impaired or blind to the eating habits and lifestyles of parents whose children are obese. I especially look forward to being trained at XXXX University because of your diverse student population from all over the world, learning from my peers as well as your distinguished faculty, from their examples and testimonies about the public health struggles that they face as well in their home countries. I look forward to exchanging ideas about our public health struggles and challenges on a global level, so that we can learn together, networking and collaborating, building ties that will last for a lifetime, sharing creative ideas for progressive evolution in the health care sectors in which we work in our respective countries.

The community projects in which I have been engaged over the last 2-3 years include the following: dental education program emphasizing fluoride application in XXXX Primary School, Feb. 2015; Developing Healthy Smile Program; health promotion and education program, for Jazan City National Guard, 2014/2015; Participated in International Volunteer Day with Medical Committee for XXXX , 2014; 8th Volunteer Health Camp organized by KAMC and WAM , Makkah . Oct 2014; Saudi National Day Celebration, September 29-30, 2014.Yslam Fmk exhibition With Saudi Dental Society, July 16-18,2014; World Day of Oral Health with Faculty of Dentistry, XXXX University, March 20,2014; Saudi Red Crescent in volunteer work for hajj. July-October 2012. I also completed a training program in the treatment of compromised patients at GRASH Medical Clinic private.

I seek further academic preparation in public health with a special focus on Saudi Arabia because I crave the challenge entailed in the struggle to drastically reduce our extremely high rates of oral decay, primarily through efforts in public health education with an emphasis on oral health. Since I have become a dentist in Saudi Arabia, in particular, I have become increasingly disturbed by the way in which we now see increasing numbers of cases of oral cancer in younger as well as older patients.

The dental profession still has a long way to go and a lot of work to do in Saudi Arabia not only caring for cancer victims but also collaborating with public health officials in the constant and ongoing search for to uncover the carcinogens in our environment. This is the area of study in particular in which I seek to specialize in your program. New initiatives to protect public health in Saudi Arabia are especially important given the large number of international visitors that we receive, particularly those coming each year on pilgrimage to Hijj and Omra in Makah as well as during the month of Ramadan.

 I am convinced that earning the MPH Degree at Johns Hopkins University will help me to make important contributions to the advancement of public health in my country, particularly in the area of oral health and oral health care information, making it more readily available. My long term goal is to someday establish a dental research center in Saudi Arabia along with colleagues from a variety of different disciplines and specialties within our field.

I thank you for considering my application.

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