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MBA Objective Statement, 300 words

I intend to utilize the skills that I will acquire in your MBA program primarily to greatly expand my own company. Your MBA program fits nicely with my career plan at this particular stage of the development of my business since I now have the time to develop much of my energy to study. I look forward with keen anticipation to sharing insights and creative ideas with other entrepreneurs in your program. Being the founder and owner of my own company, it is imperative that I expand my client base in order to build my business and generate higher annual revenue.  During the next year, I plan to hire marketing professionals to execute my marketing services while   I focus on strategies to gain new business.  In the meantime, I will continue to oversee my employees and develop their strengths to be in line with my business concept.  After I secure a few more large accounts, my goal is to offer my marketing and consulting services globally. 

 The combination of my advertising management experience with (school A’s MBA) will strengthen my skills in my entrepreneurship role.  This objective will deepen my insight and ensure my future professional success.

 Throughout my background, I have accumulated extensive knowledge of advertising and marketing; however, I will need to strengthen my understanding of essential business functions if I am to achieve my ambitious career goals.  The (school A) MBA program matches my career objectives, offering a theme structure that will allow me to acquire and build a stronger foundation of business skills.  I would significantly benefit from  (school A’s alumni network) and would contribute back in the future.  While there are many MBA programs out there, none can compare to (school A’s) reputation, legendary faculty, and strong academic curriculum.  I am excited about the potential opportunity of being a student in the (school A) MBA program.  

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