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MBA Degree Program, Korean Applicant

I have taught a broad variety of students along the way. And, as an educational administrator, I have dealt with the concerns of an almost equally broad variety of parents. have different needs. The joy that I have found over the years in both positions, teacher and administrator, has been enormous. Even though I majored in Economics and had worked in the field of finance, I always dreamed of becoming a highly effective teacher capable of helping children and their parents to prosper through a fuller appreciation of the importance of making the most of one’s educational opportunities.

 I longed to become a mentor so as to help people to lead happier and fuller lives. I began developing a career as an English teacher, although I knew from the beginning that I did not want to stay in a teaching position. Later, I accepted a position in consultation and management, assisting Korean students with all of the details involved in living abroad for more than 3 years, as well as preparing for specialized examinations for entry into South Korea’s highly competitive university system. I am most pleased to have had this opportunity to experience and learn from a highly diverse pool of students, some coming from Africa, others from Russia, etc. As someone who went through this process himself in the US, I have been able to understand and relate well to students that experience anxiety as a result of beginning university studies in a foreign language and culture.

 What I was aiming for all along, however, was more than a simple teaching or educational counseling position. I wanted to run my own educational initiative, although I had limited capital with which to operate. I was fortunate, however, to have been hired by the XXXX Language Corporation, run by individual contractors (mostly teachers). For top performers, there has been ample room for upward mobility and the CEO offered me the opportunity of launching new endeavors at the highest level. As a result, I have been working at the heart of curriculum research and development for several years.

 I have also been able to publish my own books. Even though not many copies have sold, this experience has boosted my confidence as an educator. Nevertheless, the passion that I used to have for my work is withering and I am in need of new challenges. I want very much to study towards the MBA Degree at the University of XXXX because I realize that education is fundamentally business and I look forward to full time immersion in the professional study of the business of education.

 My wife is from Toronto; thus, it is my second home. I have visited UXXX and I am most impressed by how friendly people are. Toronto also has a high ratio of Koreans, many suffering from language barriers, struggling to assimilate at the same time that they maintain their cultural identities, and I want very much to study this population. An MBA from your program would help me to launch increasingly creative educational initiatives, especially for Korean students.

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