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MBA Degree, Chinese Woman

I am a 29-year-old Chinese woman with an undergraduate degree in Commerce from the University of XXXX in Canada with a major in accounting. I was raised in China until the age of 15, when I received a full scholarship from the Singapore Ministry of Education and to study grades 9-12 in Singapore. I am a professional business woman with a great deal of experience, in New York as well as Shanghai and I keenly look forward to joining your MBA program where I might have an opportunity to give my all to research. In particular, I am most interested in managerial finance and strategic management as well as international mergers and acquisitions.

My long term goal is to be a successful fund manager specializing in private equity and venture capital investments. For the short term, I look forward to working as a project manager/senior associate in an investment firm, leading teams of analysts, accountants, lawyers, and associates in the investigation and evaluation of target companies in which our company is thinking about making investments. Ultimately, I would like to become the general manager of an investment firm.

I have worked in five different cities in four countries, so that I have had rich learning experiences and taken full opportunity to build an impressive network of colleagues. After completing my degree in Vancouver, I worked for one year in Vancouver as bookkeeper. Then I received an offer to work in Shanghai, China for an investment firm, were I spent almost three years, moving up from the position of Analyst to Director. I next accepted an offer to help a Chinese pharmaceutical company to establish a subsidiary in New York, and I very much enjoyed the considerable amount of time that I was able to work in New York City.  I was not only responsible for management and coordinating the analysts and associates in this firm, but also the accountants and lawyers of our partners. The project was accomplished successfully, but I came across several obstacles that left me impressed with how very much more I needed to learn about global economic environments, operations management, HR, organizational behavior, and managerial finance. Thus, I feel that I am a good fit for your program.

Currently, I am the VP of a financial investment department in an investment firm. Among the companies I visited and analyzed in all of my positions, a dozen or so stand out in my mind because they were very advanced with pioneering ideas; but, since their managers were mostly scientists, and they normally could not afford a professional CEO, they were usually hampered by poor financial management. I deeply regretted having to inform them that they failed the ‘entry examination’ set by our investors. It is these kinds of companies that I most look forward to helping, those with great inventions and innovative ideas but poor management skills. I want to help them to streamline and become more balanced companies so that they are able to get financial support.

I especially look forward to association with my fellow students in your MBA Program, learning from other students and sharing resources with our colleagues from all over the world. I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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