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MBA Business & Economics

MBA Business & Economics EditThe spirit and vision that has guided my family for over two hundred years in the US has created educators, innovators, pioneers, entrepreneurs and US patriots, a rich heritage that I am truly proud of and am eager to contribute to through my own unique abilities and aptitudes.  Increasing my exposure in business and owning my own business has become my goal, and dream.  Indeed, my father’s tireless commitment to his real estate development business, straightforward, honest approach to business has been truly inspirational, and I find I have a similar passion for integrity and values in my own work.  Moreover, my mother, an empathetic and sincere educator has shown me that a professional can and should be genuine in their work.  These values are incredibly important to me, and I will bring these ideals to my future work, as well as XXXX’s School of Business & Economics.

 XXXX is a natural choice, a place in which I can conduct intensive study into business management techniques, entrepreneurship, marketing and patents.  What is more, I anticipate a program that will fully equip me with a theoretical foundation from which to develop my career, and aid me in determining my career’s path.  I envision a career in which the products or services I provide will improve the lives of others, and enable me to endow my family with the security and comfort they deserve.

 I bring with me to the student body a unique academic foundation in the sciences and a highly refined ability to apply scientific analysis to business situations and methodology.  My experiences in animal healthcare have exposed me to the practical concerns of running a non-profit, as well as private business.  Additionally, working in team situations, multitasking in a deadline-oriented, and at times high-pressure environment in which attention to detail is critical, has developed my maturity and sense of responsibility.

 XXXX’s School of Business and Economics is my sole choice for further education and  I look forward to my development, immersion and contributing within the graduate business program.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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