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Masters Sports Industry Management

I grew up in a very sport oriented family. My elder brother loved and participated in football, basketball and baseball and played at a high standard, he and my parents encouraged me participate in as many sports as I could and I did so enthusiastically. I played volleyball, softball, basketball and ran track at school. Much of our home life revolved around participating in sport, watching sport and talking about it. I regard sport to be an immensely important part of life in that: it teaches effective teamwork; it builds self-esteem and confidence as well as allowing young people to reach their maximum level of fitness and provides a consequent feeling of general well-being and discourages substance and alcohol abuse. I also know from witnessing its effects that when young people ‘find themselves’ in sport they are much more likely to become academically engaged and personally responsible.

My immediate goal is to join the program and to excel within it. My ultimate goal is to be the Director/Coordinator for a prestigious sports team in PR or Community Relations organizing events involving the participation of the young and fan/player engagement.

In 2002, a few days prior to my senior year in high school, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I had been suffering vision loss in one eye and found it difficult to grip objects but had no idea of the implications and the diagnosis came as a terrible shock. While coming to terms with the diagnosis and dealing with the effects of the illness, I suffered the loss of a dearly loved stepfather and these combined events had a seriously negative effect on my academic performance. I decided to study nursing, mainly I believe as a result of my own condition but sport was still my ‘first love’ and I switched to Sports Management with a concentration on Sport Communication. I struggled during my first year at college but was determined not to be overcome by my situation and my results began to improve.

During my bachelor studies, and among other sports related activities: I served as Athletic Director Assistant at XXXX High School; participated in the HBCU College Diversity Panel; became a mentor, tutor and coach for XXXX AAU program and interned for the MEAC as a Media Relations Assistant. I obtained an internship with the Washington XXXX and worked in PR and Game Operation and was very effective in the role. I loved all these activities which gave my confidence an enormous boost and received pleasing assurances as to my effectiveness within these roles.

Once I graduated, to my distress, I was unable to find a professional role in sports management and have taken a series of financial administrative posts in order to ‘pay the bills’. I have changed jobs several times hoping to find a role outside sport that will fulfill me personally but I have come to the conclusion that such a job probably does not exist and so I am making this application. Though I should add that the roles I have filled to date have provided a very useful and practical foundation to a role within sports administration. I have learned a significant amount about regulatory compliance, marketing, planning, finance, PR, facilities management, report preparation and many other matters directly applicable to a future senior role in sports management. My major in my bachelor degree was in Sport Communication and I possess excellent writing skills and I am also a confident and effective speaker both on a personal and group level.

My condition has enhanced personal traits that I believe that I already possessed. It has taught me that no obstacle is insurmountable with sufficient determination and positivity, the value of setting highly challenging goals and not to abandon them. It has been necessary to be creative in finding ways of minimizing the effects of my condition and retaining a cheerful and optimistic attitude in facing any problem that arises and I have succeeded in doing so. I take pleasure in helping others realize that they can do more than they probably believe and to tackle obstacles and problems with optimism and tenacity.

I am aware that cultural sensitivity and awareness are important in the type of roles that I hope to fill. I have happily studied, worked and socialized with people of many cultural and social backgrounds and look forward to extending this experience within the program. I speak some Spanish and intend to extend my skills in this respect.

I have carefully considered the mission statement, learning goals and curriculum of the program and feel that these are an exact fit for my requirements and that my background, interests, skills and personal traits will enable me to excel within it. I would be very interested in researching the level of involvement of the physically challenged in sporting activities and the ways that it might be enhanced as my ‘Capstone Project’. I promise that you will not have a more enthusiastic or engaged participant in the program, if my application is successful. 

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