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Masters, Nursing MSN, 200 Words

(1) Explain your reasons for choosing XXXX University to pursue a Graduate Degree in the School of Nursing (100 words)

 Having served as a professional nurse for over fifteen years, I have only heard the highest praise for the School of Nursing at SXU, particularly from people I truly respect in the field.  No other school could offer me the same relevance, breadth and autonomy of curriculum.  Moreover, the School of Nursing is a leader in nursing education, having secured significant federal grants and professional partnership with FairfieldMedical Center, Brown County Regional Hospital and Wesleyan Senior Living Center, partnerships that will bring real world, practical examples and insights from the field to what is truly a classroom without walls.
 (2) Describe the major focus of your professional work to date and how that qualifies you as a candidate for admission. (100 words)

My professional work is divided into eight years as a nurse, working within multidisciplinary medical teams and eight years as a nursing supervisor, manager and ER RN.  This solid foundation in nursing was earned in a number of set-ups, thus my ability to be resourceful, think on my feet, and superior observational and assessment skills.  As a manager of nurses, I have case management experience, but also the ability to make critical decisions under pressure, advanced knowledge and leadership skills.  Leading nurses means knowing how to effectively coordinate, and confidently practice critical judgment as a part of daily practice.

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