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CRNA Masters, Korean-American, Army

I feel that one of the greatest benefits of being a professional nurse is the gratification that comes from easing the suffering of others. I have focused on anesthesia because I want to devote the balance of my professional life to this cause. I am a US Army Captain and serving my country is my first priority. I began serving as an Army Nurse, BAMC, in Ft. Sam Houston, Texas in 2007 and remained for three years until re-locating to Hawaii, where I currently serve as a Clinical Staff Nurse, PACU, Army Nurse TMC.

 At 52, I am very much a non-traditional applicant. I feel strongly, however, that the principle of inclusion in academic community would tend to dictate that if an applicant is qualified, it is of interest to the academic community to have some representation of his or her age group in the community, for the sake of diversity.  Having a thorough understanding of the nursing occupation, despite the fact that I got started later in life, will enable and inspire me to make important contributions to group discussions, fostering inclusiveness in group discussions of age related issues in health. By combining this dream with my enormous respect for the US Military, I arrived at the decision to apply to your program, which is my first choice for further study.

 I earned my undergraduate degree in Nursing from XXXX University School of Nursing in 2006 and then went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Chemistry with an emphasis on biochemistry from XXXX University, graduating in 2001 with a 3.8 GPA. There are many qualities that go into making a successful nurse, and I feel that I have those.  The most important qualities are caring, compassion, and a desire to help others.  I am very capable of feeling empathy toward a patient and the patient’s family, as well as showing compassion for those in pain, whether physical or emotional.  I have a positive, caring nature and a great desire to provide for those in need.  I feel that one of the greatest benefits of being a professional nurse is the gratification that comes from easing the suffering of others. I hope that my extensive education, combined with my professional experiences will be deemed worthy of having the opportunity to fulfill my dream to become a CRNA.

 My entire family immigrated to America from Korea in 1988. The first job that I was able to find was at a dry cleaners called the Iron Door Company, working as a helper. For many years, since my youth, I have had heavy family responsibilities, first, caring for my two younger brothers and sister, and then later having my own family. In 2000, my father became terminally ill with cancer and was unable to manage the family business. He needed constant care and it was up to me to provide it. I kept the entire family going, even after my father’s death, even to the point of my own emotional and physical depleted. After he died, I was able to accept a position as a research technician at the Biochemistry and Bio Physics Department in Washington University Medical School.

 I crave the intense professionalism of the Army’s CRNA program and I am extremely excited about the possibility of building further career advancement through the performance of the specialized duties needed to care for critically ill or wounded patients requiring general or regional anesthesia: respiratory care, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and/ or fluid therapy, as well as general skills in surgical, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures. I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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