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Master’s Economics Canada, Ethiopian

Having been raised in Ethiopia’s under-developed economy, many basic economic questions naturally occurred to me as I grew up.  I wanted to find out the answers to my many questions and so I decided to study Economics. After some time living in a refugee camp, I was able to study my chosen subject at a prestigious Canadian university and consider myself very fortunate to have been able to do so. My interest in a discipline that seeks to answer so many important questions and that can beneficially improve so many lives, has developed into a passion. I now seek to learn as much about this subject as I can and then to apply my skills and knowledge to the benefit of as many people as possible.

Since graduating, I have been employed in the Civil Service as a Junior Policy Analyst working mainly on the analysis of labour market trends. My work has taught me many useful lessons, for example about effective team working, management techniques and styles, and methods of analysis that I believe are applicable to the program. My work is very interesting but my goal in making this application is to equip myself with additional skills and knowledge that will enable me to make a more significant and beneficial difference in the world. Ultimately, I hope to obtain employment in a government agency or NGO that will enable me to work to assist in improving ‘third world’ economies.

I cannot claim to have gained exceptional GPA scores but my studies commenced almost immediately after I left the difficult conditions that existed in a refugee camp and, in addition, I faced the many challenge of cultural adjustment. My GPA score was 3.16 in my last two years which I consider to be excellent in my particular circumstances. Now that my cultural adjustment is complete, I am convinced that I can excel in the Master’s program and fully intend to do so.

I have had the privilege of being able to help those who have shared my challenges both in voluntary work while a refugee and as an intern working among Ethiopian refugees in a camp in Uganda.  I taught children in the refugee camp and have had the enormous pleasure of seeing some of my students gain entry to Canadian universities.

Of the available programs, I have concluded that your own part time course is the best ‘fit’ for me. Several of my colleagues are graduates of XXXX and have described the kind of rigorous but supportive academic environment that I seek.  I feel that my current professional duties are highly relevant to the program as are the skills that I am required to demonstrate within them. I am keen to undertake some research within the program and I am particularly interested in the formulation of macro-economic policy.

I know that part time study will require substantial sacrifices in terms of time and self disciplined application, I have carefully considered these demands and am fully prepared to meet them. I undertake to participate fully and enthusiastically in the program.

I know that the program will attract many well qualified applicants. However I do consider myself to be an excellent candidate. Against considerable odds and from a difficult start, I have succeeded in gaining a degree, and have gained employment in a highly competitive field.  I believe that these facts demonstrate that I possess the determination and diligence, together with a passion for my subject, that will enable me to excel within the program and, ultimately, to improve the quality of many lives. 

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