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Masters Degree in Health Administration, Libya

I am a young man from Libya who is very dedicated to study of hospital administration. I have come to live in the United States primarily in order to advance my education. I feel very strongly that the greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to devote my life to the improvement of our public health system in my country of origin. My country is now at a great turning point where we will have vast opportunity to rebuild our public health infrastructure in ways that will be able to provide much greater access for Libya’s ordinary citizens and I keenly look forward to playing an important role in the advancement of health administration in Libya.

I hold the BS Degree in Anesthesia and Intensive Care Assistant Program from the College of Medical Technology at XXXX University in Tripoli, Libya. After completing 4 years of study, I worked in a hospital as an anesthesia assistant for three years. My hard work and dedication to our patients was rewarded by the fact that I was promoted to ICU supervisor where I was able to implement important innovations in patient care of the course of 1.5 years.

I plan to spend most of my professional life managing hospitals in Libya. Ideally, I would like to work long enough for any given hospital to streamline its operations and help to bring it up to international standards in patient care, even standards that rival those in the United States, at least in some point in my career. Then, I would like to move on to another hospital that is in need of restructuring and the development of new programs that respond to current needs and challenges. I want to help my people to rebuild our country which is currently suffering through a drastic situation where many people lack basic health services, with emergency service are still extremely overworked and underfunded. Libya is in desperate need of highly effective health care administrators, especially those trained in the programs such as at the University of XXXX that stand on the cutting-edge of developments in our field.

Perhaps my most important professional experience so far has been during my second year of college when several students decided to make the long journey to the southern part of the country to work as volunteers in understaffed hospitals. I was appointed the manager of the operation and I divided our volunteers into small groups to distribute medicines and vaccines in the most effective way possible. This experience helped me to develop leadership skills and further reinforced my passion for continuing on to graduate school in my field.

Your program at XXXX is my first choice for graduate study for several reasons, foremost of which is my appreciation for your interactive learning environment. I look forward to the full range of theoretical and practical material that I will cover in your program, all of which will give me the tools that I need to think critically about our challenges in Libya and to learn how to best respond in a pragmatic way with the limited resources that we have available in many given areas of public life related to our health care systems. I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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