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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David

Masters Computer Science & IS, Saudi Arabian

My parents bought me my first computer when I was 9 years old. From then on, it has been the center of my world. While I have stayed upon occasion from my goals and I have not always been a great student in all areas, I feel strongly that now, at 23, I have developed the skills that are necessary in order to do succeed in an especially distinguished program such as yours at Carnegie Mellon. I finished my undergraduate studies in Computer Science and my grades were very good for the last year of my studies, helping to compensate for poor marks from earlier years when I still lacked a solid focus on my studies.

I have never doubted that Computer Science was the correct area for me to build my career because it is based on all of the areas where I most excel, especially Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and Statistics. My principal academic and intellectual interests lie in the areas of Information Security, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Social Network Analysis and Computer Networks. I am especially attracted to building a career path in the academic sector of Saudi Arabian society, one that includes research and development. I am a firm believer in the enormous value of lifelong learning coupled with a vigorous relationship to the community, the public that is served by our endeavors in communications and information system management and protection. Being accepted to your program will represent a professional point of disembarkation for me. I am especially attracted to your Masters Program in Computer Science at XXXX University because I am so very attracted to the way that you give students the opportunity to construct their own course of study, in consultation with their advisors, within broad guidelines. In addition, you program is especially strong in the areas of networking and machine learning, the fields in which I look forward to developing a career focus.


Earning the MS Degree in your program will prepare me for a long and highly productive career as a major player in my field in Saudi Arabia. In particular, I look forward to assuming an active role in technology transfer in my country as well as reaching out to and assisting developing countries in the area as well, through the Middle East and North Africa. I am especially excited about the long term prospect of being able to contribute to the design and development of entirely new communication and information infrastructure. I very much want to devote a significant part of my energy to the development of more information resources devoted to the development of science and technology in Saudi Arabia, networking with educational institutions, research centers, and large spectrum of additional human resources. I also have important professional experience that has helped to qualify me to attend your program. I spent many months in 2011 serving as a Supervisor for the Registration Committee of the Saudi International Conference on Information Technology, KACST, summer of 2011. I participated especially heavily in KACST’s Summer Cultural Program, July 2011.

Earlier in 2011, I was employed part time by King Saud University as a student advisor, helping students to choose their majors. In 2010, I served as a Moderator for three months for the Computer Science Forum at King Saud University Students Community ( I am a quick and very enthusiastic learner and I have the enthusiasm to learn. I have many scientific interests and I have always spent a lot of time reading in a variety of scientific fields. The professional experience that I have has helped me to become highly professional in a short period of time.  I thank you for your consideration of my application to your program.


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