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Masters Computer Science, Iranian Woman

I am a young Iranian woman who, since her first years of school, has thrived on taking things apart and putting them back together, always searching for new creations and paying close attention to new innovations. My central professional dream is to enroll in a state-of-the-art graduate program such as yours so that I can build upon the background that I have acquired as an undergraduate student in the areas of industrial engineering and systems and programming analysis.

My final year project was "Planning and Secheduling  for Tehran’s 4th Metro Line." The aim was to decrease both the costs and time required to complete the project. I used the Microsoft Project along with Primavera Software in order to develop resource-leveling techniques. My analysis was deemed successful at reducing both time and cost and was awarded an ‘A’. I also learned a great deal by having completed a 2-year internship with the XXXX Co, where I learned how to most effectively upgrade out-of-date computer systems. I became proficient in the use of Minitab and Excel software for quality control and also designed facilities and planned projects using Craft software.

I feel strongly that the greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be in the area of computer science, especially as a teacher and researcher in this area. I am a cosmopolitan Iranian woman who delights in diversity and multiculturalism. Some of my moments of most rapid growth in systems thinking have been in my travels through France, Italy, Holland, and Belgium, as well as Dubai and Turkey. I like to think of myself as a progressive ambassador of Iran with an eye to learning from the rest of the world.

When I was 13, I received a personal computer for my birthday. Through all the successive models that I have owned, the computer has remained the center of my world. In fact, I decided long ago that it would be in this area that I would make my mark on life. I have always been an outstanding student, ranking at the top of my class and my immersion in all things computerized helped me to achieve this. In particular, I excelled at mathematics and physics and this inspires me to think outside of the box in terms of computer engineering. My devotion to my studies resulted in my being accepted to the Islamic Azad University, Iran’s finest university program in the area of Industrial Engineering.

I am especially intrigued by the way that software plays a vital role in industrial engineering. My early mastery of operating systems (DOS and Windows) helped me to focus on specialized software like Primavera, Autocad, Simulation Software, Catia, Matlab, WinQsb,  Microsoft Project, etc. Each semester as an undergrad, I would learn several software programs. By the time that I completed my studies, I was particularly enthralled with everything having to do with simulation. I finished with the rank of number 2 in my class.

I hope very much to be admitted to your distinguished Master’s Program in Computer Science at XXXX so that I will have the tools and qualifications to devote my professional life primarily to research, either in a university setting or in the private sector. I feel strongly that my high level of motivation and sustained work ethic will enable me to excel at XXXX and to go on to become a distinguished creator of highly efficient software programs in the area of industrial engineering.

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