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Masters Communications Management, Taiwanese

My second internship, in particular, was influential in the development of my professional vision and my hope to earn the Master’s Degree in Communications Management at UXX because it was in the area of market influence, a relatively new trend in the communication world and the area in which I think I will be inspired to make my fullest contribution to our field. My experience in that position will also help to provide me with insightful things to contribute to class discussion as a graduate student.

As a result of completing two internships while an undergraduate student, I now more fully realize and appreciate the way in which communications are the glue that holds the business world together and makes commerce possible. For this reason, as a business professional in training, I am extremely highly motivated to focus my graduate studies in the area of Communications. Your MS Program in Communication Management at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate study because of the uniqueness and sheer excellence of your program. Completing your program will provide me with the ultimate preparation for working on the international level as a Communications specialist in the business world. I keenly look forward to making new friends from all over the world who also eat sleep and breathe international business operations like I do. In addition to living in Los Angeles, I have also gotten to know to some extent Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China, as well Italy, Sweden, and France. Thus, I am especially appreciative of the fact that UXX has one of the most diverse student populations of any university in the USA.

I look forward to developing a skill set as a graduate student at the XXXX School that builds upon and helps me to continue to cultivate the abilities that I have acquired as both as a student and a professional. I already have considerable knowledge and experience related to communications through my studies of media and especially marketing and I am fully confident that this foundation will enable me to hit the ground running at UXX and excel in your program from the very beginning. This is especially true with respect to the advancement of new communication technologies, the area in which I spend most of my free time.

At the XXXX School, I will enhance my knowledge in the field of marketing which will prepare me to make significant contributions to our fast-changing marketing world. Communication Management provides a focus on marketing and sales, publicity and promotions, market research and management, social marketing, advertising, public relations, community affairs and communication campaigns, all central to my focus on Marketing Management.  

I have always pictured myself working in the field of marketing. My internship experience in this area further fueled my great passion and eagerness to engage with this industry as a lifelong endeavor. I love the vast breadth of the field of marketing and its inherently interdisciplinary character. At some point, hopefully as a student in your program, I will develop a special focus on a particular industry – perhaps the beauty industry, another of my central interests on personal as well as professional levels. At some point, I will probably return to my native Taiwan to establish a permanent home and perhaps have a family. First, however, I look forward to at least several more years of professional travel and experience as a marketing and communications specialist working for a US-based corporation. Within time, I hope to serve as a marketing coordinator or director for a big international company with interests in Chinese markets. My ideal job would be to serve in this position for a company such as Sephora or MAC Cosmetics, where I could also exercise my passion and creativity in the field of beauty enhancement because I think that I have special potential for excellence in this area.

My desire to pursue a graduate degree in Communication Management at USC Annenberg is very much grounded in my undergraduate studies towards my first degree in my native Taiwan, before coming to America. First, I earned my high school degree in Taiwan and graduated in first place among those students in the science track. Always excelling at everything having to do with science and numbers, I was accepted to and completed one year of study in Information Management at Sun Yat-sen National University - among the top ten in Taiwan - before I decided to come to America to earn my college degree. After studying for one year at a smaller school, I successfully transferred to UXX.

Currently an undergraduate student majoring in Communications at the Annenberg School, I have become well aware of how our department provides the finest, state-of-the-art resources for students in the area of Communications. I love USC and hope very much to continue to study here at the graduate level, bolstered and supported by my network of friends and colleagues who are also helping me to master various aspects of communications. I have the utmost respect for the faculty and hope to have the opportunity to continue to learn from the especially talented and informed professors at the Annenberg School.

As an international student originally from Taiwan, I forward to continuing to enjoy the great intercultural diversity of UXX, particularly since studies in diversity are of such foundational importance to the exercise of creativity in communications today. I want very much to devote my professional life to Communication Management and UXX, my American home to date, has the finest Master’s Program in the world. My capacity to contribute to the UXX community is established by the fact that I served as the Marketing Director of the Taiwanese Student Association for 2 years. During the time, I was in charge of searching for sponsors for numerous events, helping with event organization and generating ideas for promotional campaigns. Both of my internships have helped to prepare me for your program since they both entailed doing a lot of industry-related research and analysis, case study projects that required a lot of creativity. They also helped to refine my writing skills and ability to think critically about research in communication.

Your program at UXX is especially dynamic and I love the way that your curriculum is tied to real-world applications. Your program is ideal in terms of preparing me for maximum participation in the fast- and ever-changing media/marketing world.   Given my academic background and extensive experience crafting messages as a result of my internship experiences, I feel strongly that I have a lot to give to UXX as a graduate student.

Having grown up in Taiwan, coming to the United States to finish my undergraduate degree, I have been able to develop cross-cultural perspectives, especially concerning media and communications, that entail a set of values and skills that will enable me to make a unique contribution to our field. I look forward to continuing to learn from my classmates who come from all over the world and from many different backgrounds as I know this is the best way to broaden my own horizons and learn to think more creatively.

I thank you for considering my application to the XXXX School.

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