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Masters Applied Behavior Analysis, Canadian

Thanks to my participation in XXXX Assistant Behavior Analyst Certification Courses, when I took my board certification examination on January 4th, I was really confident with my answers.  My studies up to this point in applied behavior analysis have left me hungry for more study and continued professional growth in this area. Thus, I hope to be accepted to your distinguished Master’s Program so that I will be able to continue to advance professionally and lay a foundation for a long and productive career helping us to better understand, and therefore care for, the autistic children that are part of our communities.

My interest in your program very much flows out of my experience working with children with autism over the course of the last 4 years. My long term goal is to serve as a Senior Behavior Analyst at a center for children with autism; either here in Florida or back in Ottawa, Ontario. I enjoy Canada and I am fluent in spoken French; thus, I would also very much enjoy working with autistic children in multilingual settings. I am someone who has sincere passion to help kids with autism have a better quality of life, becoming more independent. I also feel deeply for the families of autistic children, and enjoy very much working to alleviate some of the burden upon their shoulders. I especially look forward to the opportunity to engage in research projects that are dedicated to finding new and more effective ways to teach children with autism

Even when autism is accompanied by some level of mental impairment, autistic people continue to learn just as we do throughout our lifetimes; and they are ultimately capable of living a very high quality life. I find my own greatest joy and personal fulfillment in the eyes of the family members of the autistic children with whom I work and I find it to be extremely rewarding for me to be a part of this family interaction..

Knowledge is power and I am convinced that the focus of your program is the most productive vehicle for advancing our ongoing understandings of autism from a behavioral perspective.

I do understand that my undergrad GPA is not at the minimum level that you require for acceptance.  But I am asking you to make an exception in my case based on my BCaBA course work. Furthermore, my GRE scores also fail to meet your minimum level. Thus, I am asking to be considered for admission to your Master’s Program primarily on the basis of my BCaBA coursework. Please also take into consideration that I have been active in the ABA field for over 4 years now.

I especially admire XXXX’s own Dr. XXXX, PhD, BCBA-D. When I was taking your BCaBA courses and watching his lectures. I could tell that this is someone who really cares about improving the quality of life of individuals who have autism. Who better to learn ABA then from someone who has such a passion for his field and had so much success? I keenly look forward to becoming part of this exciting program that Dr. XXXX is helping to create at FIT.  

I want to thank you for consideration of my exceptional circumstances.

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