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Master’s Degree in Critical Care, Libyan Woman

I am a 27-year-old woman who was born and raised in Tripoli, Libya. I hold a BS degree in Anesthesia and Intensive Care from Alfateh University (2005). I want very much to continue my education while I am still young and full of energy and I now have the fullest level of maturity that will enable me to give my all to my studies. XXXX’s full time Critical Care Masters Program is ideal for my professional interests and would serve as an excellent foundation for me to contribute to critical and emergency care in Libya.

I am especially interested in doing research in the future in the area of mechanical ventilation and its indications for ICU patients, especially optimal weaning times from mechanical ventilation. 10 years from now I would like to be someone who is making important contributions to a new health care system rising from the ashes of the dictatorial regime. We have a lot of hope and optimism in Libya that the new political forces in control in post-Ghadafi Libya will be cooperative in building new health care institutions that are more democratic in their function.

From 2006 through 2010 I worked full time in the ICU as an Anesthesia Technician at XXXX Obstetric Hospital. Throughout this same period, I also worked part time at XXXX Private Hospital as an ICU technician. I learned a great deal working in Intensive Care and enjoyed very much teaching what I had learned to medical students, helping them to learn how to take care of ICU patients. I was able to master complex procedures such as Arterial Blood Gases, Air Way Management, CPR, and anesthesia preparations in the ICU and Operation Room. I look forward to sharing some of my experiences in your program, comparing notes with other health care workers from many other parts of the world.

Among my more exciting adventures thus far has been flying to Tunisia in an air ambulance with two patients that had been badly injured in a traffic accident. In fact, I had to struggle to keep them alive until we got to the hospital in the capital of Tunisia. In 2010, I traveled to the USA and stayed for more than one year, mostly studying Intensive English at the University of XXXX. I now feel very confident that I would be able to excel in graduate school in English and I am very excited about having the opportunity to prove myself. I want to thank you for considering my application to your esteemed program.

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