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Master’s Food Science, Safety, Saudi

I am from Saudi Arabia and currently employed with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority. I have a full academic scholarship to study towards my Master in America. I was raised in Riyadh and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science from King Saud University. I am especially interested in doing research in the areas of probiotic milk products. I take great pride in playing an instrumental role in our efforts to protect the food supply of our people. My service as a Food Safety Specialist gives me great pride and a sense of purpose. I am especially looking forward, however, to learn about food safety issues on a global level, as so very much can be learned, and one’s understanding broadened by comparative approaches to common themes in food safety.

10 years from now I would like to be using the skills that I learn in your program serving Protection of food and the development of food safety in my country and to participate at the international level international issues and I look forward to gaining the highest level of sophistication in a graduate education in Food Safety as possible, and I believe that I am an excellent fit for your state-of-the-art program. I look forward to putting the tool kit that I learn in your program to the importance task of modernizing and upgrading Saudi Safety in my country and protect the consumer.

I have a special interest in marine food and have independently studied in this area, which has included travel to England, Scotland, Ireland,. Some of my most rewarding professional moments occurred while being trained to work for the EU Department of Agriculture at a border inspection post at the port of Dublin. I look forward to helping Saudi Arabia to draw closer to Developed countries in terms of food Safety development, especially in the area of marine food.

I began working professionally with the Saudi Organization for Standardization where I was primarily responsible for testing microbiological food, matching specifications, and enforcing standards. I have worked as a Food Safety Analyzer since 01/04/2010, in addition to finishing my undergraduate coursework. Because I have a lot of experience in the laboratory in chemical and microbiological research in the area of food, I think I am now ready for graduate school and hope to begin study towards the Master’s Degree in Food Science at your highly esteemed program.

My greatest assets include being mature for my age, and a very hard worker. I feel a bond with Developed countries such as America countries and very much look forward to beginning graduate school in America where I feel strongly that I have the most to learn by studying American experiences in food science in an in-depth fashion, always with an eye towards what might be useful for Saudi Arabia. I hope for us to be able to learn as a people as a result of my having this profound opportunity to study in your program.

I want to thank you for consideration of my application and I ask that in the evaluation of my GPA that you take into account the fact that, during the first two years of my undergraduate studies, my mother became very ill and I had no choice but to care for her, and my grades suffered as a result. The last two years of my undergraduate GPA, therefore, more accurately reflect my academic potential.

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