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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David

Master’s Health Administration Canada, Nigerian

I am an experienced microbiologist and hold bachelor and Master’s degrees in Microbiology. My present goals are to join the MHA degree program and, once qualified, to take up a senior role in government service or within an NGO initially in Canada and ultimately in Africa. My overall goal is to make a beneficial difference to the health by driving innovation in health systems and strategies.

I came to Canada with the intention of pursuing a Ph.D. in Microbiology. However I concluded that my work and studies in Microbiology, although certainly useful, are fairly narrow in their potential applications. I believe that I can be of much more use by acquiring and applying knowledge and skills in healthcare administration. My work has exposed me to the significant problems that the program seeks to equip students to solve, namely: the extending access to affordable healthcare; improving the quality of healthcare and the promotion of healthy lifestyles and related health education. I have a genuine passion to help resolve these problems.

My academic background which includes awards gained and an exceptional CGPA score will provide assurance that I am an intelligent and highly diligent student who has the potential to excel within the program. My background as a Microbiologist will also enable me to bring some unique and relevant insights to my colleagues in the program.

I am an experienced and successful researcher, my undergraduate project was published in a Nigerian peer review journal. I believe that I possess the characteristics of a highly effective researcher. I am determined, inquisitive and able to approach problems in innovative ways. The bulk of my research work has been in the relevant areas of health, the cure of disease and environmental effects on health. I am particularly interested in research relating to disease prevention and in identifying and applying effective means of encouraging healthy behaviors.

My teaching background has given me insights into the effective passing on of knowledge and in encouraging the adoption of desirable behavior. It has also required me to acquire and exercise the leadership skills that will be vital to my success in the roles that I hope to fulfill in the future.

In addition to my professional experience, I have been involved in health related voluntary activity. The most notable of these was the ‘Stop Aids’ program which was enormously effective and taught me much about the ways to effectively reach and teach ‘at risk’ populations.

I have carefully considered the available programs and believe that your own is the best ‘fit’ to enable me to achieve my goals. The program’s emphasis on passing on practical skills is attractive as is the fact that the school’s stated goals mirror my own perfectly.

I know that the program will attract many well qualified applicants. However I believe that I am an exceptional candidate having demonstrated, in my academic and professional work, the potential to make a significant contribution to the enhancement of health administration.  

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