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MACC Program Personal Goal Statement

My immediate professional goal after graduation is to join one of the major accounting firms such as XXXX, to successfully lead a team within that firm and to acquire as wide a range of accounting experience as possible. My long term goal is to establish my own accounting firm. I regard this as an important personal, as well as professional, goal. A further goal that applies both professionally and personally is to have wide choices in my future, gaining this qualification will broaden my life choices considerably. I am confident that the program will equip me to be immediately useful to an employer and the variety of work experience available in a major firm will then provide me with the practical underpinning to enable me to move to my longer term goal.

 My choice of the XXXX MACC program arises from the broad curriculum offered and the recognition it is accorded by the major firms I shall be seeking to join. I have had a strong basic accounting education and fairly wide experience to date but I want to broaden my knowledge as far as possible. I regard some parts of the curriculum, such as Business Valuation, as being of particular use to me in eventually establishing my own firm

 I also have the personal goal of being an example to others of someone who began life with few advantages and has overcome difficult obstacles to obtain an education and to make a career. Completing this program and gaining employment in a major firm will enable me to be an example and help to others like me.

 The program’s emphasis on team work in applying theory to real life case studies will also provide me with valuable experience in working successfully with the type of well qualified, motivated and ambitious accounting professionals who will be my colleagues when I join a major firm. I am also confident, from reading the profiles of the faculty members, that they will provide challenges and guidance to enable me to move swiftly towards reaching my goals.

I was born and raised in Sonepat, a very small town in the state of Haryana, India. The town lacks a good educational infrastructure. I was also faced with social and gender barriers to my hopes of working in a corporate environment. However, I was very fortunate in having the support of my immediate family which enabled me to move towards my goals. I have worked extremely hard to get the best education available to me and to choose a suitable career path.

Through my perseverance and determination, I have been able to address many challenges. This demonstrates a high level of motivation and determination and I consider these to be my significant strengths.  It is my hope to be able to give much back to society and help others who suffered my disadvantaged start to believe that they can accomplish ambitious goals.

I think a deficiency might be a tendency to impatience in reaching my goals. I set up my own firm too early in my career and am aware that there exists a need for me to exercise more patience and care in the decision making that affects my professional future.

I have come a very long way to date and feel that joining the program will enable me to go much further. I hope that you will agree.

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