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MA Translation, UK, Saudi Woman

Still only 24, I am a mature and hard working young woman from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on the coast of the Red sea. Jeddah is one of the most international cities in the Middle East and the most international and liberal of Saudi cities, where foreigners feel most comfortable. I completed my undergraduate studies in translation because I developed a passion early on for multilingual and multicultural communication.  I am currently serving as a Teaching Assistant in the area of English Language at the King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences College of Medicine, in Jeddah, a position which includes full scholarships for study towards the MA and PHD Degrees.

Nottingham University is my first choice for Masters Studies because I feel strongly that your program is the best fit for someone with my linguistic assets. I hope to learn everything that I can about translation and put it to good use it the perfection of my own linguistic skills. I am approaching an intermediate level in Japanese conversation and making rapid progress as a beginner in German.

I look forward to contributing the diversity of your program not only as a Saudi Arabian woman, but also as someone of Egyptian and Persian ancestry who also reads Farsi. I feel strongly that translation has a lot to contribute to improving relations between countries and cultures through better understanding of mutual interests and shared goals. Saudi Arabia and Iran are a good example of two very different countries, cultures, and religions that experience a great deal of tension and competition. This is one of the reasons why I hope to devote many years to the perfection of Arabic/Farsi as well as Arabic/English translation. In Jeddah, although it is our city with the greatest diversity, at the present time, almost all of our available translation services are limited to English/Arabic/French. There is only a handful that include German and my searches have yielded little to no results for Farsi.

I look forward to many decades of hard work as a professional Saudi Arabian translator, labouring to improve communication channels and avoid misunderstandings between people of my own nationality and mother tongue, on the one hand, and the rest of the world—to the extent to which I am able—on the other. I hope to contribute to movements for Middle East integration in the future and in this way hopefully contribute to the creation of greater levels of peace and stability in the region. I want to promote Thus, enabling an in-depth integration into the "Other's" culture, that will hopefully clarify differences, wash out misconceptions, and promote acceptance, mutual understanding, and better respect for the worldly need for and methods to peace.

My long term goal is to launch and develop my own corporation dedicated to translation service is Jeddah.  I anticipate that our central area of concern would be in the translation of legal contracts on an international level. I look forward to taking full advantage of the international spirit of my city. Jeddah serves as the gate (seaport /airport) to the two most important holy cities for people of one of the world’s fastest growing, major religions, Islam. Perhaps most importantly is the fact that most members of this religion do everything within the power to come to Saudi Arabia’s holy sites on pilgrimage, at least once in their lifetime. In this way my country serves as a communication gateway not only with the rest of the Middle East, but with large, far flung Muslim populations, Indonesia being an especially notable example.  Virtually all worldwide commerce for the entire KSA passes through Jeddah; as a result, it is extremely fertile in commerce. Its population is formed of a wide variety of ethnicities and cultures and there is great need for novel and creative initiatives in the area of translation services.

The company that I hope to eventually build would take full advantage of the cultural diversity of our city. I also hope to build a translation institute that would include language classes with an emphasis on culture. I hope to open doors for new generations of dreamers. I feel a deep-seated desire to make positive contributions to my society in a way that helps us to better integrate with the rest of the world. Generally speaking, I see commerce and trade and the great peacemakers in a conflictive world. And I also see translation education, research, and services as central to the achievement of sustainable development and full integration into the global economy. A passionate believer in equality, especially between men and women, I hope to serve as a role model for new generations of Saudi women who are thinking about entering careers and build their own businesses as well as participating at the highest levels in our academic communities.

I look forward to facing many challenges in building my own translation services company; everything from finding the necessary funding to building the appropriate team. I enjoy the planning stages very much, reflecting upon the importance of building a well-know and trusted identity.

I have long admired institutions of higher learning in the UK and I see you program at XXXX University as the optimal spring board for me to reach the pinnacles of success in the area of translation services based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

I thank you for consideration of my application to your distinguished program.

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